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KDMC Elections 2010 - Political Stand

KDMC Elections is all about rifts and war. With the elections scheduled to 31st October, all the political parties have geared up to make their stand real strong against each other.

The Final Epic Of KDMC Elections 2010

The day that everyone waited for, which would decide the fate of the candidates who campaigned hard for this position in KDMC Elections 2010 and also the day which may bring a major development in the two areas Kalyan and Dombivli finally made it to light.

Wait is All that is Left for KDMC Elections 2010

All the political parties have gone out of the way and did a hard campaigning for the KDMC Elections 2010. Many leaders have even known to shift their base temporarily in Dombivli for better results. Now that everything possible has been done, one can only wait and watch what would happen next.
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