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Green Nanocatalyst-Palladium Nanoparticles Inside Polymer Matrix Make Catalyst To Retain And Recycle

Catalysts have excellent green chemistry which is based on metal.Theoretically,Catalysts were reusable since they compel without consuming in the chemical reactions. But in actuality,recovering of all catalyst at the ending of a certain reaction is very difficult, so it is slowly lost after finishing of reaction. Now, by the use of green chemistry approach we can retain, retrieve and reuse metal catalysts by trapping them inside a self-assembled polymer matrix.This is the longer lasting chemical catalysts.

World Record In Cascade Synthesis By Green Chemistry- Centrocountins That Inhibit Amitosis In Cancer

Research scientist in Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology had developed longest reaction cascade known up to now which holds world record in cascade length.They done cascade reaction synthesis of biologically active substances called "Centrocountin" which are the complex molecules that interfere in the cell division activity and rapidly tumors cells were die.Ultimately Clean/Green Technology related to chemistry gives better approach to produce Centrocountins that inhibit cancer cells to multiply.

Green Buildings for sustainability Of human Life

Green Buildings do not harm to environment and it is uses all the resources efficiently. The concept of green building arises from energy crisis and environment pollution concern. The main concept of green building is to use energy, water efficiently and reduce waste and pollution. This resource contain some information about green buildings and some major tips to make your home green(Eco friendly).
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