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AFL Match Analysis: Manjeet Cotton makes wining start

On April5, 2011, Bhupendra Singh Rajpal’s Manjeet Cotton XI scored an impressive, solitary goal victory over Samir Mehta’s RK Constro Bulls in a Group A Match of the AMP Infra Pvt. Ltd. Presents Lokmat Samachar’s AFL at the Divisonal Sports Complex. Playing to a 4-4-2 formation, Manjeet Cotton XI dominated the proceedings to put pressure on the rivals.

AFL Team Details: Manjeet Cotton XI

Manjeet Cotton XI is the football team which is participated in the football mega competition means is participated in the Aurangabad Football League.

AFL Team: Golden Dreams eye golden Run

Snatosh Muthiyan’s Golden Dreams are eyeing a golden run in the AMP Infra Pvt. Ltd presents Lokmat Samchar’s AFL which is mega event of football starts from April 3. Golden Dreams gaze to their icon player Mohd. Junaid Mohd. Shamim to come good national-level meets is also predictable to lead the team. The team has not of talented players in half position.
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