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Arowana Fish Care and Maintenance

This resource contains information about care and maintenance of Arowana aquarium fish. This is one of the quality aquarium fish and sometime arowana is also called as king fish. This resource also contains feeding information as well as tank mates for arowana fish.

GATE 2012 Question Paper Answers Key

This resource contains complete answers key for GATE 2012 question papers held on 12th of February 2012. You can download direct word file of answers for all the paper codes. Answers of questions for all the booklet codes are shown in-front of questions numbers.

Microcontroller ATmega8535 Programming And Interfacing

This resource contains introduction to micro-controller Atmega8535 and complete information on programming and interfacing LCD, key board with micro-controller ATmega8535. It contains full description on interfacing with suitable circuit diagram and pin configuration.

Television Receivers

This resource contains some information about television receivers. It contains brief information about analogue terrestrial television receiver, color decoding, color burst processing and switched mode power supply.

Thermocol Craft House

This resource contains full procedure to make thermocol craft house. This thermocol craft can also use as fish tank toy or fish tank cave by pouring it by white cement.For making this craft age is not matter children can also make it because it is not so much difficult to make.

What Do You Mean by Transponder

This resource gives information about Transponders, Transmitters and Receivers. It also gives information about working of Transponders in satellite.

Relay Station Using Satellite

This resource contains information about how satellite is use as relay station.

Who Invented? The Worlds Top 10 Best Innovators and Creator

This resource contains some great inventions and information about their inventors. Here you can know about the worlds top 10 Best Innovators and Creator. Found short biography of John Napier, Dmitri Mendeleev, Bill Gates, Mark Elliot and many more.

How to Use Multimeter

This resource contains full information to use Multimeter to measure electrical equipments and components.

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