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Maharashtra Pollution Control Board(MPCB) - Role of MPCB in controlling air pollution in Maharashtra

You might be a candidate suffering from air pollution in Maharashtra. If yes, read this article to know the role of MPCB in protecting the people of Maharashtra from air pollution. Here you will get informations of MPCB regarding its website, contact information, MPCB in Pune and Solapur, MPCB against Hanjer organic manure, AQM cell Pune, MPCB against PMC, MPCB against Hanjer plant, MPCB central lab, MPCB regional labs, PMC and Hanjer plant and many more!

Actress Deepshikha Nagpal Profile,Wiki And Biography - Contestant Of Nach Baliye Season 5

Deepshikha Nagpal had been a recognized face in TV and film industry and had appeared in movies with all renowned actors. She has also been a popular face on TV. She got divorced after first marriage and later married Keshav Arora TV actor younger to her with whom she will be pairing in Nach Baliye season 5. See details about her first marriage, love story, personal and interesting information, filmography and many more.

History Of Maharashtra - The Rise Of Dynasties And The Evolution Of Culture

The History of Maharashtra is a long term changes of the rules in the Physical location and also becoming the Capital of the large empires of the Tuglaq Emperor. Maharashtra has also witnessed the Maratha Empire which ruled most of the Central and North province along with the center of India being Delhi.

Know more about Maharashtra State Police Department and their services

Interested to know more about Maharashtra State Police Department and their services? If yes, read this article to know more about Maharashtra State Police regarding their motto and headquarters, special units, how to contact Director General of Police Maharashtra, contact numbers and Email ID of district police units in Maharashtra state, official website of Maharashtra State Police Department and many more!

Maharashtra Facing Water Pollution- How To Control Water Pollution In Maharashtra State?

You might be shocked to hear water pollution is severe in Maharashtra state. What may be the causes of this water pollution or how can we control it? Read this article to know the details regarding water pollution in Maharashtra state and its causes, water pollution in industrial regions of Maharashtra, river pollution in Maharashtra, role of RRII in treating effluent, MPCB role in controlling water pollution, National River Conservation programme and many more !

Brief About Maharashtra Meaning Big Nation

" Pavitra desha Mangal desha veeranchya desha" this words for Maharashtra. The name Maharashtra means the 'The Great State' or 'Great Nation'. The name is said to have been originated probably from 'rathi' which means 'Chariot driver', referring to drivers and builders of chariots who were known as 'maharathis' or 'Fighting Force'. Maharashtra gets its name aptly, because it is the largest states in India, both in terms of area as well as population.

Jyoti Amge: World’s Shortest Woman To Join Raj Thackeray’s Party

Jyoti Amge has joined Raj Thackeray’s party. The specialty lies in the fact that Jyoti is the World’s shortest woman according to Guinness book of records. In this article you will know more about Jyoti regarding her parents, age and height, date and place of birth, records, interests, politics, Bollywood films, MNS party and many more!

Maharashtra Government After Adarsh Scam

This article provide information about Maharashtra Government situation after Adarsh scam. I noticed that there are too many silent improvements within ruling government and development work. To know more read complete article,

Winners of the Maharashtrian of the Year Awards 2010

Lokmat were taken the Maharashtrain of the Year Awards which awards are given in the different field people which are from the Maharashtra. This resource contains the all Winners of the Maharashtrain of the Year Award 2010.

Aapla Maharashtrat Aaple He Hal Zale

maharashtra was one of the most prosperous state in india and as the load in it increased the people started suffering from mal-nutrition hope it may recover its status but this is not possible if the people from the other states dont stop entering maharashtra state all the marathi people gave their whole lives in making mumbai the metro city of india falke started the film industry in maharashtra and help it develop and that film industry is not giving chances for marathi people to enter the industry

Different Major Rivers in Maharashtra

There are different rivers in Maharashtra, but Three of them are major rivers which are Godavari, Krishna and Tapti. These are the lifeline of Maharashtra. They covers maximum fertile land of Maharashtra.

Maharashtra People and Marathi Manus

In this resource we have given information on Marathi people and their culture. Marathi people known as Maharashtrian and marathi manus. Read more about maharashtra people.

Marathi Ukhane For Newly Married Marathi Girls For Different Occasions

This resource gives some new Marathi Ukhane. A girl when she gets married she has to take her husband's name with a different style. In earlier days a married girl was not allowed to take her husband's name directly. Hence this system is followed even now on her marriage day and in many other occasions after marriage.

Amazing Journey of Union Public Service Examination 15th Topper Rahul Ashok Rekhawar

In Maharashtra IAS , IPS Officers not made at large numbers this thinking of the population is now made false by the results of UPSC Examination of 2011 as out of 920 more than 75 candidates passed successfully in the examination with flying colors. This has been made history by Rahul Rekhwar of Nanded who stood 15th in all India and 1st in Maharashtra. In Maharashtra out of all the candidates who passed this Examination 12 candidates have their surname as Patil .

Great Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar amazing life Journey and Photo biography

This resource contain information about Great Cricketer and Maharashtrian Sachin Tendulkar.On his 38th Birthday wishing him better luck.Master blaster celebrates his Birthday with Soldiers at Pune Khadki Cantonment via video conference.His fitness at the age of 38 enabled Sachin to complete his 19 years awaited appointment with World Cup glory.

Watch live Lokmat Award presentation ceremony

On Wednesday 9, 2011; the presentation of Maharashtrian of the Year Awards which be familiar with illustrious persons from special social sectors will be held at Hotel Taj in Mumbai. The awards which have been institute by Lokmat Media Limited and Gupta Corporation will honor the famous persons from different social sectors like arts, sports, politics, literature, industry and social work at the function.

Who Is The Maharashtrian Of The Year In The Field Of Social Service?

The outstanding personalities who contributed massively for the on the whole development of Maharashtra scaled new heights of achievement in their respective fields. These personalities who did Maharashtra proud also imprinted the country’s name on universal scenario. Persons from different fields including arts, social, entertainment, , science and technology and politics gave new direction to development in their respective fields not only in Maharashtra but in the entire country.

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