The Culture of Maharashtra

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Maharashtra Pollution Control Board(MPCB) - Role of MPCB in controlling air pollution in Maharashtra

You might be a candidate suffering from air pollution in Maharashtra. If yes, read this article to know the role of MPCB in protecting the people of Maharashtra from air pollution. Here you will get informations of MPCB regarding its website, contact information, MPCB in Pune and Solapur, MPCB against Hanjer organic manure, AQM cell Pune, MPCB against PMC, MPCB against Hanjer plant, MPCB central lab, MPCB regional labs, PMC and Hanjer plant and many more!

Valentine'S Day Color Code And Dress Code Mentioning Special Message And Signal

Valentine's day is a day to express love. This is the day when most pairs are formed and one propose to other whom he or she find to be the best companion. There are some color codes and dress codes by which one can read the status of reception when one proposes. The universal color code for valentine day means differently for different color. Here you can see details about dress and color code for Valentine's day proposal.

Actress Deepshikha Nagpal Profile,Wiki And Biography - Contestant Of Nach Baliye Season 5

Deepshikha Nagpal had been a recognized face in TV and film industry and had appeared in movies with all renowned actors. She has also been a popular face on TV. She got divorced after first marriage and later married Keshav Arora TV actor younger to her with whom she will be pairing in Nach Baliye season 5. See details about her first marriage, love story, personal and interesting information, filmography and many more.

History Of Maharashtra - The Rise Of Dynasties And The Evolution Of Culture

The History of Maharashtra is a long term changes of the rules in the Physical location and also becoming the Capital of the large empires of the Tuglaq Emperor. Maharashtra has also witnessed the Maratha Empire which ruled most of the Central and North province along with the center of India being Delhi.

Public Holiday List Central Government Holidays in Maharashtra

Are you a Central Government Employee in Maharashtra and looking for the Holiday List for 2013? This article provides you with the Central Government Gazetted Holidays for 2013 announced by Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievance and Pensions (Department of Personnel and Training) to be observed in Central Government Offices during the year 2013.

The Jai Jawan Govinda Group From Jogeshwari Hits The World Record Of Dahi Handi

The Krishna Janmasthami is an auspicious occasion where we all celebrate it by breaking a Dahi Handi which is being tied at a greater height. The following resource tells you how the Lord Sri Krishna’s birthday is being celebrated in India. We call it a Sri Krishna Janmasthami sohala which means the Birthday party of Lord Sri Krishna. The following resource also informs you about the World record of highest tied dahi handi and tallest formation of humanoid pyramid which was being noted by officials of Limca

Know more about Maharashtra State Police Department and their services

Interested to know more about Maharashtra State Police Department and their services? If yes, read this article to know more about Maharashtra State Police regarding their motto and headquarters, special units, how to contact Director General of Police Maharashtra, contact numbers and Email ID of district police units in Maharashtra state, official website of Maharashtra State Police Department and many more!

Maharashtra Facing Water Pollution- How To Control Water Pollution In Maharashtra State?

You might be shocked to hear water pollution is severe in Maharashtra state. What may be the causes of this water pollution or how can we control it? Read this article to know the details regarding water pollution in Maharashtra state and its causes, water pollution in industrial regions of Maharashtra, river pollution in Maharashtra, role of RRII in treating effluent, MPCB role in controlling water pollution, National River Conservation programme and many more !

Happy Raksha Bandhan Free Greetings and SMS

This resources contain information about Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) Festival. The Raksha Bandhan is festival is sign of love between sister and brother. In Hindi this festival known as Rakhi.

Happy Nag Panchami Send greetings and SMS free

This resources contain information about Maharashtra Festival Naga Panchmi. You can read history and its importance of regular life of farmers. You can send free sms and greetings to to your friends.

Brief About Maharashtra Meaning Big Nation

" Pavitra desha Mangal desha veeranchya desha" this words for Maharashtra. The name Maharashtra means the 'The Great State' or 'Great Nation'. The name is said to have been originated probably from 'rathi' which means 'Chariot driver', referring to drivers and builders of chariots who were known as 'maharathis' or 'Fighting Force'. Maharashtra gets its name aptly, because it is the largest states in India, both in terms of area as well as population.

History Behind Formation Of Maharashtra State and Celebrations on Maharashtra Day(1 May )

We all celebrate Maharashtra Din On 1 May every Year. But, did we know the History behind it? This resource gives you all information regarding Maharashtra Day Or Labor Day. How Marathi People are very important in Maharashtra Freedom movement and history?. On 1 May 2011 Maharashtra celebrates it is 51st year of the formation of the State of Maharashtra.

Nag Pachami Festival of Maharashtra

This resource is to get an overview about the "Nag Pachami" celebrated in Maharashtra. Nag devta (Reptile God) is worshiped on this day. Also, Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva is worshiped in major places on this day as they are closely related to Snake image in mythology.

Kolhapuri Chappal - One Of The Handicraft Of Maharashtra

Here I have tried capturing some information about Kolhapuri Chappals which is one of the handicrafts of Maharashtra and are widely known all over the world. In this I have in included its introduction, Process of preparation, its advantages, use, cost & where to shop.

Jyoti Amge: World’s Shortest Woman To Join Raj Thackeray’s Party

Jyoti Amge has joined Raj Thackeray’s party. The specialty lies in the fact that Jyoti is the World’s shortest woman according to Guinness book of records. In this article you will know more about Jyoti regarding her parents, age and height, date and place of birth, records, interests, politics, Bollywood films, MNS party and many more!

Paithani The Popular Art Of Maharashtra

Paithani sarees is one of the handicrafts we maharashtrian should feel proud of. Here I have tried sharing some knowledge about it with a brief history, its preparation & cost range and some websites from where we can buy them online.

Maharashtra Government After Adarsh Scam

This article provide information about Maharashtra Government situation after Adarsh scam. I noticed that there are too many silent improvements within ruling government and development work. To know more read complete article,

Holi, The Festival Of Impression Of Lord Krishna

In this article I am trying to describe holi along with the magic of Lord Krishna. Holi is often termed as a sign of the love game between Krishna and Radha. Read more in this article about this cheerful festival which gives message of love to one and all...

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