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Malvani Chicken Recipe

Try out some thing different this Sunday. Relish the taste of coastal taste of Malvan, with traditional Malvani Kombdi Vade. Perfect dish for every one from bachelors to house wives,simple recipe ready with in 45 to 60 minutes.

Stuffed Chapati Roll

For many youngsters of our generation who are used to pizzas and hamburgers, Indian recipes suddenly sound not so cool. Can we add some masala to our existing Indian dishes and serve it so that it sounds appetizing to youngsters. The stuffed chapati roll is an innovation that uses the ordinary chapatti, and makes it nutritious

How To Prepare Quick Rava Upma In Just 5 Minutes

In our quick modern life, time is always too short. This is especially true for housewives, who have to balance the needs of the office and home. In this article,I will tell you how to prepare quick Rava Upma. This technique will teach you how to quickly prepare delicious Rava Upma in just five minutes.

Paneerchi Karanjee

Paneerchi Karanjee is an authentic starter from the Coastal areas of Maharashtra. Other than the typical sweet karanjee this defintely serves as a great spicy starter

Microwave Besan Laadoos

Diwali is all about eating sweets. But health conscious and weight conscious people are scared with this idea. Here's a recipe of authentic Besan Laadoos for them. Additionally since they are cooked in microwave, it is ready in just a few minutes. Complete hassle-free

Method to Make Masala Bhat

Are you looking for the method to prepare masala bhat which is a famous Marathi Recipe? Know about how to prepare masala bhat and Traditional Marathi Recipes.

Naralacha Bhat(Coconut Bhat (Rice)) Konkani Recipes

Are you looking info for Naralacha Bhat(Coconut Bhat (Rice)) Konkani Recipes? In this article we have posted info of Traditional Konkani Recipes Naralacha Bhat(Coconut Bhat (Rice)).

Phanas Bhaji Konkani Recipes

Are you looking for Phanas bhaji recipe? Phanas bhaji is a famous kokani recipe. In this post, we have given Phanas bhaji Marathi Recipes along with Traditional Marathi Dishesh,

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