The age old Pataleshwar Cave Temple in Pune

The Pataleshwar Cave temple in the heart of Pune City is one of the oldest known temples in the world. It is also known as the Temple of the Underworld. The temple also has a cave in its premises which is said to lead to the hell.

The Pataleshwar Temple is one of the oldest temples that have existed till date and is located in the ancient cities in Pune. The Pataleshwar Temple is a Rock Cut cave temple which was build during the rule of the Rashtrakuta dynasty. It was in the 8th Century A.D. that the empire decided to have a temple carved out from a single big rock of basalt and was a reminiscent of the Ellora Caves.

Pataleshwar Cave Temple - The Heart of Pune City

The temples was originally build in areas which were then considered as the outskirts of the City of Pune. Now, the temple is in the middle of the city of Pune because of the expansions of the city.

The current area is known as the "Jungli Maharash road" which is one of the arterial roads of the city of Pune.
Pillars of the 8th century Pataleshwar Temple in Pune
The Pataleshwar Temple is dedicated to Loard Shiva and the temple thus includes the cube shaped sanctified room which houses the Shiva Linga.

The other structures of the temple include the circular Nandi Mandapa with the Umbrella shaped canopy. All of these are situated in the front of the entryway of the temple. THere is also a brass temple bell at the entryway of the temple.

All the structures of the mandapa are supported by huge pillars which are square in shape.

The worship region of the Pataleshwar temple includes the idols of Rama, Sita and Laxman. Near the temple there is the cave which is known as the Pataleshwar cave which means the Cave and the God of the Underworld and also called as Panchaleshvara Temple or the Bamburde temple.

The construction of the temple remained incomplete which was because either of presence of some defective line or because of political turmoil leading to financial losses.

Even through these years, the architecture and the legances of the structure of the temple has been the pulling factor of tourists to the Pataleshwar temple.

The Shiva linga is anointed with Ghee and Yogurt and then the pooja is performed.
The name if the temple has been recorded in the Guiness World book of Records for exhibiting 5000 characters using rice grains which adds to the splendors of the temple.

The temple opens at 8:30 in the morning and closes at 5:30 in the evening.


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