The Jai Jawan Govinda Group From Jogeshwari Hits The World Record Of Dahi Handi

The Krishna Janmasthami is an auspicious occasion where we all celebrate it by breaking a Dahi Handi which is being tied at a greater height. The following resource tells you how the Lord Sri Krishna’s birthday is being celebrated in India. We call it a Sri Krishna Janmasthami sohala which means the Birthday party of Lord Sri Krishna. The following resource also informs you about the World record of highest tied dahi handi and tallest formation of humanoid pyramid which was being noted by officials of Limca

Sri Krishna Janmasthami:

Lord Shri Krishna
As we all know that the Krishna Janmasthami is being celebrated In India. Krishna Janmasthami means the birthday of Lord Shri Krishna. Lord Shri Krishna loved the curd and butter. In ancient days the curd and buttermilk was preserved in a clay jar and it was hanged at a height so that it stays fresh for a long period of time. Once, Lord Krishna saw that the thing he likes the most is being tied at a greater height and he was not able to reach to that clay jar in which the curd and buttermilk was preserved. Hence, to reach that height he called his friends and asked them to hurdle up. As soon as they hurdled up, Lord Shri Krishna was able to climb above them and reach towards the curd and buttermilk which was preserved in a clay jar. Hence, we all celebrate the Krishna Janmasthami by breaking the clay jar in which the buttermilk is being preserved.
Dahi Handi
We all the Indian's celebrate Sri Krishna Janmasthami by tying a Dahi Handi which is full of curd and it is at a greater height where the youths come together, hurdle up and one of them climbs to the top by forming a humanoid pyramid. The World Record is being set up by the Jogeshwari youth group named as Jai Jawan Govinda Group.
Humanoid Pyramid

Watch this video to know the joy during the Krishna Janmasthami in Maharashtra State:

World Record by Jai Jawan Group:

On 10th August 2012, the youth from Jogeshwari hurdled up and formed a human pyramid of about 9 and half on top of one another. Yesterday the officials of Limca Book of World Records were present at the Vartaknagar area of Thane, Mumbai where the Sanskruti pratishthan tied up a Dahi Handi at above 40 Feets. It was amazing to know that there were 9 and half Layers of youth called as govinda who hurdled up and stood on top on one another. Yesterday it was all electrifying atmosphere all around in Mumbai.
Sanskruti Pratishthan, Thane, Mumbai
The Jai Jawan Group of govinda(youth) tried their best to hurdle up and form a pyramid of whopping 10 layers but unfortunately the base layer govinda's were unable to stand erect and hence the Limca Book of World Record Officials said that we should call it 9 and half layered humanoid pyramid. In this way the Jai Jawan Group were able to form a humanoid pyramid which measured at 43.79 meters in height. Hence, on 10th August 2012, the largest number of layers of human stood on top of each other so as to celebrate the auspicious birthday of Lord Shri Krishna.
Sanskruti Pratishthan Limca Book of World Record

Akshay Kumar's presence at Sanskruti Pratishthan of Thane, Mumbai :

All the govinda groups present at Sanskruti Pratishthan were too much happy because of the appearance of the Bollywood Star, Akshay Kumar. The presence of Akshay Kumar was electrifying and each and every youth enjoyed the presence of Bollywood star. Akshay Kumar also gifted a prize of Rs. 50,000 for the girl's govinda group who were aiming to break the dahi handi on the auspicious occasion of Sri Krishna Janmasthami.

The crowd went electric when Akshay Kumar started to dance in front of all the Govinda Groups. The most important cause that was raised during this occasion was that the hoarding was being raised by Akshay Kumar for the mission "Save the Baby Girl". Today many of the families in India are trying to abort their baby girl just before their birth. Right now the Government has already passed a law in order to stop abortion of baby girl and also the gender test is being totally banned by Government of India. Hence, the youth of today is very much conscious about the social issues and what more do we need. We need our youth to be united and disciplined so that every living being is respected and the motto of "Live and let Live" gets accomplished on such auspicious occasions.

Hence every auspicious occasion of Sri Krishna Janmasthami is being celebrated with full of happiness and sheer joy.


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