Arowana Fish Care and Maintenance

This resource contains information about care and maintenance of Arowana aquarium fish. This is one of the quality aquarium fish and sometime arowana is also called as king fish. This resource also contains feeding information as well as tank mates for arowana fish.

Arowana Care and Maintenance

Arowana fish

Introduction :

Arowana is one of the richest fish in freshwater aquarium world and its also called as King Fish some time. Maintenance of arowana fish is little bit harder but if you buy kind of big arowana baby then its not so difficult to maintain. Adult arowana is to costly so its good to buy baby arowana at about 6".
You need minimum 200 liter tank (52 US Gallons) to keep small arowana so that it can grow up faster and use good quality food to feed them. You can also feed live food to arowana but when you need to feed small frozen blood worms or small live worms when your arowana bellow 5-6". After that you can feed them live food like live shrimps, guppies, feeder fish, or fish flesh.

Arowana Care :

Caring adult arowana is not too hard because it just need good food and fresh water. If you have adult arowana at about 11" then you need to change water in your tank in every 2-3 week. Or you can also change half water of your tank in every 2 weeks. But if your arowana is still a baby at about 8" or less than 8" then you need to change half water in your Arowana tank in every 1 week. Small baby arowana need more care then adult arowana.
Again water you are going to use for filling tank must be in good condition. If you are living in society and using tap water, it contains some chemicals which are not good for your fish. So use some other source or you can use medicines which are easily available in your nearest aquarium shops. Or the second option is you need to store same tap water for more than three days for your fish safety store it for 4-5 days. If you use direct tap water consist of chemicals, it can affect your fish or sometime fish can also die. So its better to aware of this all before using such source of water.

Arowana Feeding :

For baby arowana it is little bit harder to feed them. Because some time they don't eat anything and dies. So at the time of selecting and buying arowana ask your aquarium shop holder to feed them in front of you, and then only buy that fish. Its only happens when arowana is too small that's why don't buy too small arowana baby. Go for medium arowana for example 5-6" is good.
In case of adult arowana you can feed them any fish which size is less than arowana's mouth. Or you can feed them live food for example live guppies, live shrimps, and live feeder fish. If you don't have source of live food then you can feed frozen shrimps or dry blood worms, both are available in most of the aquarium shops.
Sometimes live food such as live guppies can be a reason for your arowana illness. Because sometime live guppies transfer disease. So be sure that your live guppies are healthy and from good environment. Adult arowana also eats local rat, home lizard, normal frog, chicken hart and so on. At the time of feeding frog, be sure that your frog is not poisonous because some breeds of frog is poisonous and it can make your arowana die. Feeding home lizards is good for arowana, it improves the color hormones in arowana. But at the time of feeding lizard be sure that your arowana is big enough to eat that lizard.

Arowana Tank mates :

You can keep your arowana with a pair of parrot fish, aquarium shark fish, Cat fish or similar size arowana fish. But be sure the tank mates should same size as compared with your arowana. If you keep your arowana with small mates then your arowana will eat them. And if your arowana is small and you keep it with big mates then also mates can harm your baby arowana. So its better to keep arowana alone in tank in case of baby arowana.
You can keep sucker fish or algae eater with your arowana to keep your tank clean. Algae eater will not attach your arowana though your arowana is small. You can also put a pair of cat fish with your arowana because most of the cat fish would not harm any fish.


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