Know About Plants And How Plant Is Important For You

This article provide information about Plants and plant kingdom. Plants are usually grouped into herbs, shrubs, trees, and climbers based on their height, stems and branches.

In our life plants are very use full in our day to day life, because plants gives us oxygen (life gas) and oxygen are very important for our life. If we go outside and observe all the plants around us then we see that some plants are small and some are very big. While some are just patches of green on the soil? Some have green leaves, while some other have reddish ones some have huge red Flowers, some have tiny blue ones. While some have none we do see a variety of plants existing all around us-near our homes. In the school ground. On the way to the school in the parks and gardens.

Let us get to know the different parts of any plant. This will help us understand the differences between plants of different kinds. Can you label the stem, branches, roots, leaves, and flowers of the plant shows in color the parts of the plants.Plants are usually grouped into herbs, shrubs, trees, and climbers based on their height, stems and branches.

Look at leaves of plants around you and draw them in your notebook. Are all the leaves the same in size, shape and colures?
How are they attached to the stem?
The part of a leaf by which it is attached to the stem is called petiole. The broad, green part of a leaf is called lamina. Can you identify these parts of the leaves in plants around you? Do all the leaves have petioles?
Let us to know the leaf better by taking its impression! If you thought that leaves cannot sign, here is an activity which will make you think again.

Roots absorb water and minerals from the soil and anchor the plant firmly in the soil.
Roots are mainly of two types: tap root and fibrous roots

when plant was growing up then they first give a flower then after give a fruits this fruit include many vitamins,minerals etc.


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