Information About Children'S Health Care And Disease

This resource provides the information about children's health care and disease. It contains some common problems such as diabetes, obesity, worms in the stomach, sexual harassment, bed-wetting, dental, balanced diet etc, it also contains how to prevent from cough and how to take care of fitness.

Information about children's health care and disease

Children's health care is the top priority of parents. Them - its hassle and discomfort of the disease often causes elders. It is better to avoid the vaccination of children and the right treatment when they are sick. Solve problems associated with children's health with the help of experts.

Some common problems about children's health care and disease


Type 1 diabetes is found mostly in children. Completely turn off the pancreas to make insulin. Children suffering from sugar extremely thin - are thin. Child again and again several times, especially at night to urinate, abdominal and leg pain tells us so much feel hungry or weakness may be suffering from diabetes. Make sure that the blood sugar test. Medication rather than insulin is given to children because children often do not care. 11-12 year old children are better to put yourself in the habit of taking insulin. Such children should be protected from fast food because they fear gaining weight, which can worsen the condition.

Family history of diabetes if you eat the baby from the beginning - focus on drinking. Fruits - vegetables, pulses etc. and non-veg more feed, rice, flour, and fried items - roast reduce. Feed all residues. Cycling and swimming etc. Please exercise. Also, children's blood test every three months (average sugar test) must be provided.


Obesity in children due to today's lifestyle is growing rapidly. Lifestyle is important that primary school children bless and take care of diet. If a child is obese diabetes, BP, hypertension and significantly increases your risk of heart disease.

Often parents are responsible for obesity in children. It is important that they keep away from junk food to children. Feed home-cooked food as much as possible. Include green vegetables and fruits in their food.

TV - Sitting in front of the computer rather than at the children every day - to - play must send at least one hour of outdoor games.

Worms in the stomach

Children usually two - two and a half year old has the problem of insects. Kid's clean up- takes care of. Whenever they go out, their hands well rinse with soap. Keep their nails cut. What to eat raw vegetables, wash them well in advance. Paramagnet potassium in the water can wash all the fruits and vegetables. Possible open things out to eat children. To eliminate intestinal worms usually Albendajol (Albendazole) is a tablet, but the shot must be made with your doctor.

Sexual harassment

If you laugh - baby blues is playing, eating leaves, or even meet someone, afraid - afraid that someone may be playing with his innocence. In this age do not understand child sexual harassment. Is afraid to tell at home, so identify her silence.

Ask your child to love. Ask anyone about those around him (servants, drivers, Watchmen, teacher, family member etc) with some strange thing. Then he made a mistake to believe that he is administering. The mistake, by the neighbors also, be sure that you're not dirty, but good.

Let the cries crying baby ad labium. This will lighten the mood.

Child's laugh - play, continue to get out of the house. After a time, ask again and again not to the incident in front of him. The suspect, administering punishment.

If the child is not normal, see a counselor.


Young children to urinate in bed, be afraid to dream such problems can occur. Children who are more Pitts or suppressed, they are wet. Children are often the fear of ghosts. There are often violent quarrel at home, parents do not spend time with the child if the child is on the wrong effect. Many times the child is too violent.

Yell at the child not to wet the bed because he does so intentionally.

Fear not the ghosts, etc., or tell scary stories.

Toilet training to child. Tell him what the right place to Toilet.

Aim to urinate before going to bed. Gold after two - three hours, give up toilet.

At night before bed, cola, milk or other liquid not at all.

Let dry vegetables and bread for dinner. Lentils, rice should be avoided.

Note: This problem is a precise and permanent cure. Drugs only help temporary. Family history of this disease is having the problem is long.

Dental care

Keep cleaning care

Clean Bottle feeding of young children. Do not sleep in their mouth bottle. Hand slowly massages their gums. The use of fluoride toothpaste for children under six years should not. The chocolate or chewing - gum to eat less.

Small children should take care of oral hygiene. Each time after feeding the newborn baby's gums and tongue should be cleaned well. With a cloth soaked in warm water to make a silk and gradually clear the baby's mouth.

When brushing and how

Child when the first claims, then should start brushing. For younger children is very soft brush. Brush size smaller and should be further diluted. Six - seven years of age, parents should brush their own teeth because of the child until the age she cannot brush properly. If the insistence of the child to brush themselves at the parents - to - of course at night to brush her teeth herself. Nowadays, many brand names have been in children's toothpaste market. None of them can use on toothpaste. Pease is the equivalent of toothpaste is enough. Fluoride toothpaste before the child is six years old do not. If a child accidentally eat too much fluoride (toothpaste, mouthwash, etc. through) then immediately feed the whole milk it will reduce the effects of calcium fluoride in milk and call to a doctor immediately.

to prevent such

Children's teeth can fluoride application. The doctor put fluoride varnish on baby teeth, which are much less prone to cavities. Varnish the first time at the age of three and seven years later, at the age of 10 years and 13 years supply, i.e. when - when new teeth come in, then - should get the varnish.

Children's teeth can pit and fissure sealant. Indeed, our teeth's are many places where food can get trapped. These places are sealed is much less likely to take a worm.

Six months to a year old should be sure to take the children to the dentist. It will show the problem in the early stage and cavities can be treated before reaching the nerve.

Seven - eight-year-old must show the dentist. Orthodontic difficulty is the best treatment in this age.

If the tooth is broken or removed before it had time to get a space maintainer, so that the tooth remains in place.

Let non-use mouthwash first child six years. He could drink it, which can be dangerous.

Feed that baby food contains more fiber and less sugar. In between eating sugar, candy - chocolate, etc. do not. Its Saliva pH is reduced and increases the chance of getting cavities. Has to sweet feed and then rinse with the proper food to get. After the child iron syrup Make sure to rinse well.

Balanced Diet

Two years of age: The age of the child in the mother's milk is the most important. Low - to - mother to child at least six months must drink your milk. Although two years is better to drink. Also, essential fatty acids in food such as butter, ghee, porridge, cereals, fruits, are necessary.
2-6 years: eating is variety. Every kind of eating dairy products, including all the cereals and fruits. Fruit is the Anti – oxidant meet. Soy, lentils, peanuts, almonds, sesame protein and essential fatty acids, etc. are available. Make sure to eat them.

6-12 years: Children at this age the protein iron and calcium needs increase. The increase in eating sprouted lentils and black gram. Molasses, figs, good source of iron are also. butter rich in protein and mineral feed the children there. Full cream milk and cheese made it to the kids. Also, calcium is important for green leafy vegetables. You must also include fruit in their diet.

Note: Children must be variety in the diet, or something - not - will get some nutrition. Health food supplements (Boost, Born vita, Horliks etc.) in the multi - vitamins. There is no harm in taking them. But if parents take good care of the children's diet is not needed. Chyawanprash may be helpful in boosting immunity although there is no scientific evidence.


Before being discharged from the hospital after the birth of the child once his eyes should get an eye surgeon to Czech. It is also caught congenital problems. If you are not able to do so the child starts school at the age of three and a half before a three-course must have a thorough investigation into the eyes. If the child is out-sightedness should wear glasses all the time right number. Many times kids do not wear glasses because they think that because the child's eyes have become much more vulnerable. It is a misconception. Need glasses so children should wear it constantly.

Important to check

Child in the class again and again he cannot see the blackboard, the teacher should pay attention to, and parents should know about it. Defects in the eye so please check up once every six months, or years - can check up once in two years. Computerized check up on the idea is to get that number by roughly how much. If spectacles Vision 6 / 6, i.e. the light goes back and put the medicine does not need to stretch the pupil. If not, then pour syrup retina (eye of the screen) to look into. Well, put the medicine is tested more accurate result.

Neonatal vitamin - A supplements course. Vitamin - A deficiency can cause night blindness in children.

If the eye is not a disease, a drug should not.

Eye mascara, antimony, etc. should not use honey.

Eat food rich in vitamin A, such as milk, green vegetables, and seasonal fruits.

Children should not send in the swimming pool. Infection from swimming pool is easily reachable from one another.

Should not lie down. Prevent children from doing so.

Reading lights in the room should be arranged properly.

Children who wear contact lenses, the lens should take special care of maintenance, such as during lens wear and put hands dry with towels should be washed with soap and clean water.

Catarrh - How to Avoid cough

Immunity in children up to age five is not fully developed. In children at school - other than the infection spreads quickly. At the age of 7-10 times each year catarrh are common. Paracetamol should not get upset by this and most cases are cured. But are infected in the chest (neck of the child from house to house came the sound, the sound of breath) may be the problem. Usually five - six years after the age of catarrh of the problems children suffer no more.

The children sit on the dock a bit of a cold - C breathes to syrups and anti allergic. But children are fragile, so they give the same treatment from doctors.

Chest allergies, bronchitis and asthma problems are often found in children. Family history of these diseases, the problem is long-running, or else the problems often five - six years after the age decreases. To prevent, dust, dirt and smoke should stay away from. Carpet at home and pet dog - cat, etc., do not. Too many cold, bitter or sour things to avoid eating. Some kids color Chemical (junk food, etc.), strong odor, pollen, tomato (sauce), peanuts, eggs and fish can be allergies to avoid. If the kids flu vaccine (Influenza) has the allergy, bronchitis, etc. may be less of a problem. Spicy and sour stuff comes cough cold water and eat. Can be relieved by drinking milk, add Saunth (ayurved medicine).

Note: Children must be variety in the diet, or something - not - will get some nutrition. Health food supplements (Boost, Bornvita, Horliks etc.) in the multi - vitamins. There is no harm in taking them. But if parents take good care of the children's diet is not needed. Chyawanprash may be helpful in boosting immunity although there is no scientific evidence.

Take care of Children's fitness

Five - six years old should get the kids start to exercise, otherwise they will not Absorb calcium. The bones will be weak. Indeed, physical sports are a means of exercise for children. In addition to sports in their exercise jogging, cycling and swimming should be included. These bones are strong. Heavy food is the root of the body. Make Starching to increase body flexibility. Children should practice yoga. Children can do all the postures although at an early age to avoid standing posture when the younger children would not be complete harmony in the body. Similarly, children cannot meditation, but they should have some breathing exercises. Sit in one place gradually Breathe - out and actively increases their concentration is low it should teach children music. It also focuses the mind.


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