Krishna Mahatmya. Article on Lord Krishna

Krishna, a divine God ,Lord of miracles, Lord of Love, Lord of Lords. All know about Lord Krishna, but still lets refresh them with this article. Lord Krishna has his many names and his names are pleasant to ears. He is the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Lord Krishna

A lord who is greater than all, whose names are endless.
He is always found in many small small things.
There is a saying which goes "Krishnarpana mastu", which means whatever you do , good or bad, your duty or help to others, means whatever work , just say "Krishnarpana mastu" at the end of that particular work or duty.
The meaning of the saying is that , O Lord, whatever I do , good or bad, my duty or my work , it all ends at you, everything to you is given. Just leave everything to Lord Krishna and He will decide what is good or not.

Lord Krishna is very lovable , very naughty and very miraculous Lord. He was loved and adored by everyone in Vrindavan. His miracles are endless. He is the eighth son of Devaki. Devaki is sister of Kansa Raja.

There is a famous story behind Kansa raja that the son of Devaki will kill him after His birth.

So, worried Raja Kansa, thought of killing all the children of Devaki. But "Honi ko koi nahi Taal sakta".
His end was written and in the hands of Lord Krishna . Krishna is kept safe in the hands of Yashoda in Vrindavan. She takes care of Krishna very much.

Krishna's miracles are called as Krishna Leela. They are very famous in Indian mythology.

His love towards Radha was platonic. His love and care towards his fellow beings was miraculous. He is the one whose Bhagwad Gita is famouos and by reciting of this Divine Book makes one balanced in his behaviour.

Bhagwad Gita is an epic book which is based on the battle between Duryodhana and Yudhisthir. This book tells a person how to behave in his lifetime and the same has been told to Yudhistir.

Lord Krishna has taken many avatars in disguise just to eradicate evil and unethical behaviour of human beings. His teachings are marvelous.

In Bhagwad - gita , He has told us about what is Life, what is re-incarnation,etc.

There are many things that come in mind once name taken of Lord Krishna. Like flute , which was played by Him to make forget all their sorrows and listen to his divine tunes. Everyone did it and actually it was very pure music which made everyone to forget everything and listen to his tunes.Lord Krishna's tunes were melodious. Listening to which all gopika and their mothers and vrindavan residents forgot their work.

Lord Krishna liked butter very much. Who can forget the famous "Makhan". He used to steal from his neighbours and his friends houses in Vrindavan. The ladies kept it unnoticed at the top which usually was found by him and his friends to eat. All used to call him "Makhan Chor". The ladies used to tell to his mother Yashoda that Krishna has eaten their butter. But when Yashoda asked him he used to say,"Maiya , Main nahi makhan Kahyo....".

His miracles are very pleasant and very pure to hear.

He became a chariot when the battle of Mahabharata started. He was chariot of Arjuna who was his cousin and his friend too. He told how to behave with the enemies when the battle is going on.
Arjuna and his brothers were together having a battle against Duryodhana who also was his cousin.

In the battle field, Lord Krishna has shown his Divya Rup Darshan to Arjuna.





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