Mangalagouri Pooja , The Dream Pooja And Beloved Pooja Of Every Married Woman

This article is mainly focused on the information and procedure of Mangalagouri pooja . Mainly observed by married woman, this vrata or pooja is observed when and observe this holy pooja, is clubbed here in under one roof.

Mangalagouri Pooja

Hello all my beautiful married women. Lets share some knowledge about Mangalagouri pooja. I am also married and would like to share some beautiful tips on how , when , etc to observe this pooja.

First of all , "Mangalagouri", means the Goddess named Gouri (or Parvati) who is a beloved wife of Shiv Shankar Bhagwan. She is one goddess who has taken pains for acheiving a husband like Shiva.

What is the purpose of Mangalagouri pooja?

The main purpose of this pooja is to pray to Goddess Parvati the long life of our husband , about his prosperity and for his health. This pooja is observed for the well-being of our husband.

Husband is the main person in any married woman's life. She will do anything for his life and his well-being. Without him there is no meaning to a woman. A woman gets her respect in the society due to her husband.

So as the well - being of husband is very very important, the Mangalagouri pooja is very very important.

Who to observe this pooja?
This pooja is observed only by married woman for their husbands.

When to observe this pooja?
Mangalagouri pooja is observed in the Hindu month of Shravana, only on the TUESDAYS.

What are the materials required for performing this pooja?
The materials that are required are as :

a. An image or idol of Goddess Gouri / Parvati.
b. Kalasha
c. Rice
d. Jaggey
e. Cloth folded like a pyramid
f. flower garland.
g. Flowers
h. Coconut broken into 2 halves
i. fruits (local available)
j. Akshata (i.e. few rice with small amount of Kumkum added to it )
k. Coconuts (2)
l. Niranjan / samay
m. Durva, tulsi, rangoli.
n. janava
o. coins
p. one blouse piece.
q. Panchamrit
r. Naivaidya
s. Different leaves of flowers (or Patri) 5 to 10 .
t. pan leaves- 12, supari - 12
u. Haldi , Kumkum
v. cotton ( kapus )
w. cotton vastra - 2

How to perform Mangalagouri pooja?

Drop handful of rice on a plate or tray. Then place the Kalasha or pot on it. The kalasha is to be filled with water. Decorate the pot with leaves.

Fold a cloth like pyramid , place at the back of the kalasha. Break a coconut and half of the coconut is to be placed on the sides of the kalasha.

Betel nuts and betel leaves (8 in number) are placed on the tray.
A large piece of jaggery (the four corner one) is kept in front of the kalasha.
Now u can place the five pyramid shape made from turmeric powder on the four corners of the jaggery and one in center.

You can be flexible here. You can just keep an idol or picture of Goddess Gouri. If there is no jaggery, you need not worry about it.

Decorate the turmeric pyramid or idol or picture of Goddess Gowri with turmeric, kumkum and flowers.

You can also put a garland made from cotton thread or flowers on the pyramid or idol.

Light the lamp or Diya. Pray the Goddess by offering flowers and by lighting incense.
Offer fruits and prasadam cooked.

Pray to the diety for few minutes. Ask for boon to diety. Recite Shloka

Read the story of Mangalagouri from the book. Remove the prasadam or fruits and share it with family members and friends

Pray with whole devotion towards the Goddess Parvati.

All needed in this pooja is Whole Devotion and true prayer to Goddess Parvati.

Pray for husband's long life, his well being, his good health , prosperity , success, and good children.

May Goddess Mangalagouri Bless you. May all your prayers be fulfilled.



Author: Namita Terse03 Aug 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Hi Medha,

Wonderful article. It gives in and out details about Mangalagauri Pooja.

This article will provide good giudance to newly married girls about the rituals and procedures.


Author: Medha Srikanth03 Aug 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Hi Namita,

Thanks for your precious response. I dont know why but I like your responses very much.

Thanks again.

Mrs. Medha Srikanth

Author: Namita Terse04 Aug 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Dear Medha,

May be wavelength is the reason :)

Sometimes people with same thinking click along instantly even from a far distance.

And i compliment only when i truly like any articles. I don't respond for the sake of points.

Keep on posting good stuff for all of us to read.


Author: Medha Srikanth05 Aug 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Dear Namita,

Thanks for your concern.

Will definitely post some good stuff if I have.

Mrs. Medha Srikanth

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