People Built Houses In Ancient Times To Live

Here I want to put a glance on the people who lived in different houses. I want to show some points such as why they lived there, when they lived there, any specialty, for which climate they made which houses, also the modern houses and some facts about how people lived in beautiful and colorful houses. I like to stay in that types of houses like in - tents, igloo, water house etc.

Human beings lives in caves in prehistoric times. They lit fire to drive away the wild animals. They didn't feel afraid because the caves were "homes" for them. Inside, they made shelters, stretching animal skins over a frame-work of branches.

It must have been great fun to live in caves. At Brazil Rossi in Lugaria, Italy, where traces of pre-historic people have been found, dating from 150000 to 1000 years ago.

Special Caves -

In certain caves they would meet, communicate to each other about their thoughts. That was the way they grew friendly to each other and they learnt to trust and depend on each other. And then, they wanted to express their various moods-their fear and joy, sadness and happiness. They did it through paintings. It was about 35000 years ago that they began to decorate some of the caves with huge paintings and carvings. Some of the most beautiful of those caves have been found in PYRENESS between France and Spain. And in 1940, some students discovered a cave at a place called LASCAUX. Here, the magnificent pictures were painted between 17000 and 13000 years B.C.

An Igloo -

It is very cosy inside an igloo. The Eskimos build them in winter to keep out the cold. Inside, they put animal skins. And they lit a fore which keeps the igloo warm. First the Eskimo cuts blocks of hard snow with a knife, building upwards in a spiral to make a dome shape. Now, they want to keep a comfortable temperature. So they build a passage way. Leading into a sort of outer room. Cold air circulates in the passage way and the outside room and before reaching the living quarters, it warms up. The neighboring country called them Eskimo which means "Eaters of raw meat".

Red-Indian live in Tents -

The Red-Indians were skilled hunters. They had to follow game especially in the migration season. Tents were convenient to them. They could take down the tents whenever necessary and again put them up quickly. And since they were hunters, they used the animal skins for making tents. They also made their clothing out of those skins.

They used to paint their bodies red. John Cabot, who was an explorer called the "Redskins". That was in 1497. Later these North Americans Indians came to be known as red Indians.

An interesting thing about them was that before the Europeans introduced horses to America, the Red Indians used to travel on foot and they used dogs to carry their loads.

Mongolians Live in Tents -

The Mongolians are basically wanderers. Nowadays they have started coming to live in cities and in houses but many of them prefer to live in tents. More than half of them are still nomads. Since they live in a harsh climate, they make their tents of thick heavy felt. These tents are called yurts. These yurts are made in a cylinder shape with a cone at the top and a hole to act as a chimney. Every yurt has a rich decorated door. Inside, it is furnished with rugs.

Some Mongolians live in that part of China known as Inner Mongolia. And some live in Eastern Mongolia, which is in Central Asia.

They have descended from Genghis Khan who led his horsemen to conquer half of Asia, and Kubla Khan, the emperor.

Houses in cold climates have sloping roofs -

The houses have sloping roofs so that the snow can slide down from the tip. Otherwise the roofs would break under the weight.

The windows are small to keep the warm air inside and the cold air out. The walls are large and painted to absorb as much heat as possible. Rooms are generally small. In Russia it was so severely cold that the beds were often mounted on bog ceramic heaters.

Today, houses in the cold countries have central hearing to keep it warm.

Types of Houses are there in hot countries -

Houses in hot countries have windows which are big and airy. Roofs are fairly flat where it is possible to sleep at night?

I have seen a picture of a house which is built around a courtyard with a water fountain in the middle. It looks so beautiful.

It sounds also beautiful. But a water fountain is there not merely as a decoration piece. It is built there to refresh the air. These houses have a verandah around to prevent the sun from shining directly on the walls. It must be very hot in the kitchen. That is reason why women often cooked outside in the open. In the tombs of ancient Egyptians, loaves of bread with grains of sand were found. It proved that the women of Ancient Egypt preferre3d cooking out in the open.

Castle built in the middle ages -

The castles were built in the middle ages so that the enemies could not attack. Think of a castle. Each part of the castle served as a special defense. They were built on a high position so that the first sign of danger could be seen. There were strong walls. There was the wide moat filled with water. And it could be crossed only when the drawbridge was down. There were towers at each corner which controlled all sides of the terraces to protect the people inside.
Castle were effective as long as spears and arrows were used by the "enemies but when cannon fire began to be used, the castles no longer could defend itself.

People who lived in trees -

It must be great fun to live in trees – Tarzan, Peterpan they all lived in trees. They are in stories. But in real life also, there are people who try to live in trees. There was an English woman who wanted to live in a tree house, when she lived in Kenya. She actually got it built a lived there with her husband. She called it Treetop. From treetop she must have watch the greenery all around. She even saw the wild animals when they came to drink water at night and they even wandered around below. If the population increased at this rate we would not even have land to live on.

Floating Cities -

In Srinagar, there are house boats. In this house boats people live for a few days. There is a floating city in Hongkong around the port of Saikunj. Thousands of people have lived in their colourful boats for generations together. They are born in though boats. All there life they are floating in the river. Such fun! I would love to live in a boat. And it a lot of fish.


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