How To Regularise Menstrual Cycle / Irregular Periods Help

This article is only for women. Many girls and women face health problems today as due to work pressure in the office and home (if married) which affects their overall health. Mainly the monthly cycles. Some women face irregular periods which may be due to stress, tensions, weight gain, etc. Here is the cure / treatment for curing it effectively with the use of Ayurveda.

Remedy for Irregular periods

Menstrual cycle is the cycle of 28 days. It may vary up-to 2 - 3 days plus or minus. That is very normal. The menstrual cycle is for 4 - 5 days per month or 5 - 6 days per month.

It is normal part of the phase of puberty in girls and women. It starts at the age of 13- 14 years and stops at the age of 45 - 50.

Many girls have painful periods or excess bleeding or irregular periods. Depending upon the causes a woman suffers. Now 28 days calculation is normal and if it is irregular it may vary either more than 28 days or months or may be years!!!

Irregular periods:

If your periods are not regular or if you have missed you have periods, then it is a serious matter and which cannot be ignored and avoided.

The main cause for irregular periods is the Hormonal imbalance. In the future to become pregnant , your periods should be regular.

Causes for irregular periods.

a. Stress
b. Tension
c. Caffeine
d. Smoking
e. Weight gain
g. Hormonal imbalance
h. Uterine disorder
i. Fibroids / cysts in and around ovaries or uterus

Treatment for Irregular periods

Home Remedies:

a. Consume Aloe vera juice on the daily basis.
b. Ginger added with sugar will help regularize periods
c. Beetroot juice
d. Eat Papaya, cucumber, white pumpkin , etc
e. Avoid potato, yellow pumpkin ,etc.
f. drink plenty of water daily.
g. Eat raw carrots which stimulates menstruation.
h. Practice Pranayama, Kapalabhatti daily and regularly.
i. A cup of grape juice is also more effective.
j. A decoction of jeera and til seeds sweetened with jaggery helps for irregular periods.
k. Sleep at least for 7 hours.
l. Practice a specific time for meals and dinner.
m. Reduce your weight.

Ayurvedic remedies:

a. Take Ashokarishta tonic which is very useful.
b. Prepare a mixture of khadi sakhar (1 tsp), black black sesame seeds ( 1 tsp) and jaggery and take this daily early morning.

Yoga for treating irregular periods

1. Badhha konasana (cobbler pose)

How to do it:

a. sit in dandasana

b. bring both the soles of your legs near your stomach by bending knees.

c. hold the toes with your hands and pull them towards your pelvic

d. Sit erect

e. Maintain this pose for 1 - 2 minutes.

f. Breathe normally.

g. Then slowly come to original position.

This yogasana reduces the problem of Irregular periods. This yogasana also tones abdominal disorders.

2. Vajra Asan

3. Kamal asan

4. Sarvangasan

Benefits of Yoga :

1. Keeps your body strong.
2. Improves flexibility.
3. Reduces weight
4. It is a form of meditation.
5. Lowers cholesterol
6. Increases stamina in body.
7. Improves mental health also.
8. Help fights fatigue.
9. Fights stress, tensions, etc.
10. Removes toxins from your body.
11. Helps improve joint pains, and all types of diseases.


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