Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Disease

This article points out some symptoms , cure, treatment, etc for PCOD which is actually a type of problem faced by many women and teenage girls, but they still don't know whether they are suffering from this disease. Hence this article may help some women to know atleast that they are suffering from PCOD.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Disease

1. What is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Disease ?

It is a type of disease where the ovary of a woman or girl is enlarged symmetrically. The ovary is surrounded by small small follicles. The cysts are fluid filled which are around the surface of the ovaries. It is a hormonal imbalance which creates a lot of problems.

This is one of the commonest cause for infertility. Poly ( means "many").

2. How is this PCOD diagnosed?

One who suffer from Irregular periods , suffer from PCOD. The diagnose of PCOD can be confirmed through Ultrasound . When a woman has irregular or no periods then it may be due to PCOD problem which has to be taken care of as early as possible as it may lead to many other health problems.

3. What are the signs whether a girl / woman is suffering from PCOD?

a. Irregular periods / no periods.
b. Facial hair growth due to hormonal imbalance.
c. skin acne problems.
d. darkened skin on the neck, thighs , armpits, etc.
e. weight gain/ obesity
f. abnormalities of hormones, i.e, male hormones dominate the female hormones.

4. What to DO ?

a. weight loss as soon as possible.
b. choose low carbohydrate diet
c. eat fruits , green vegetables, etc.
d. avoid caffeine.
e. avoid sugar
f. drink a glass of hot water mixed with 2 tsp of honey daily morning.

5. Can this problem be cured ?

Yes , this problem can be cured very effectively. Regular exercise, strict diets, proper guidance of doctor for curing will help in treating this problem.

6. What are the risks of Polycystic Ovary syndrome?

a. high blood pressure
b. diabetes
c. higher level of cholesterol
d. problems related to heart and liver.
e. infertility
f. obesity
g. lack of female hormones
h. acne
i. no ovulation

7. What is the right diet for PCOD?

a. eat fresh vegetables, fruits.
b. drink at least 8 - 10 glasses of water per day.
c. cut down your carbohydrate level to low.
d. eat whole grains like jowar, bajra which help in reducing the fat and carbohydrate.

8. Which type of yogasana is good for PCOD?

a. Kayakalpa is the best yogasana for treating PCOD. It is best if you learn from a yoga practitioner.

b. Pranayama
c. Nispand Bhava
d. Kapalabhati
e. Shavasana

9. What are the Home remedies for PCOD?

a. Tulsi : eat 8- 10 leaves of tulsi per day .
b. False unicorn root
c. Liquorice to help acne or body hair.

The Polycystic Ovarian syndrome is the problem which is seen in most of the women. This is heriditery. If a girl / woman is suffering mainly from irregular periods , hair on her face and chin, weight gain ,etc then it is more likely due to PCOD.

So, please women, do know your causes and symptoms and if these occur then please do consult a gynaecologist as soon as possible.

You will experience infertility if it is not treated in time.

This problem is curable and with positive effects. Just do it in time else if time is gone then nothing is left in your hands.

Because , Health is Wealth.

Take care.


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