Information on Bread, Hamburger & Pizza

This information gives you about the who invented bread, Hamburger and pizza. From the ancient time the bread in existence and the poor person eating the same as it is very cheap & easiest way to make. Now a days we are eating and also love to eat Pizza and Burger. But we do not know who begin the same.

Information on Bread :

Do you know when did people begin making bread. The exact date is not known to me also. But since long time people has been making bread. It was around three thousand five years ago that the use of yeast was discovered in Egypt. Yeast is needed to make bread. And since it is easy & cheap to make, it became the basic food for most of the countries.

You will surprise to know that ancient Egyptians could choose from around five hundred different types of bread which they baked in their earth ovens.

Do you know there is a bread tree? The bread tree which is called Artocarpus is found in Southern Asia. It is a relative of Mulberry tree. It produces fleshy fruit which is very rich in starch like the bread. So it is called bread tree. There is a butter tree in Africa. It produces seeds which give a sort of butter when minced and boiled with water. There is a Salami tree in Africa which bears Salami like fruit, half a metre long & which weighs upto six kilos.

"And there is the venezuelan "milk tree". It produces a sweet tasting milt, quite like ordinary milk. This milk can be obtained by tapping the trunk".

Information on Hamburger and Pizza :

Hamburger come from USA, it is your thinking but it is wrong. Hambur….ger. Does it remind you the name of any place?

Yes, Hamburg is in Germany. Hamburg come from Hamburg, It was Hamburg in Germany which gave its name to this flat cake of minced meat cooked on a grill or a hot plate. From Germany Hamburger went to USA & there it became very famous.

Do you know Pizza come from? It was first made in Naples, it is in Italy. In the beginning Pizzas were a dish for the poor people. They were made of bread with cheese, bail salt & pepper. They didn't put tomatoes in Pizzas. Those days in Italy, Pizzas were made without tomatoes. After then Pizza went to USA. And it was in USA that tomatoes were added to it. Pizza without tomatoes was invented in Italy & Pizza with tomatoes in USA.


Author: Medha Srikanth19 Jun 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1


Good information.

Keep it up.

I think no one ever had thought about the first step of bread and hamburger or pizza.

Today all buy them and enjoy eating them.

Good post.

Mrs . Medha Srikanth

Author: Seeta21 Jun 2011 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1


Nice article on pizza and hamburger, i though that these both are invented by USA.

Very good job.

Have a nice day with your pizza & burger

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