New Renewable Energy Technologies

Traditional energy sources are limited and on the way of ending. We need more energy for our sources for our future which are reliable. We can not use traditional energy source for long, thus new technologies must be invented. This article will tell you about some new renewable energy sources or technologies which are in use today.

Renewable energy

As we know traditional energy sources are limited and we have to find other ways, renewable energy sources are the best options. Renewable energy sources are unlimited. Most of the renewable energy technologies are directly or indirectly dependent on the energy of the sun. Here are some renewable energy sources explained.

Wind Power

As its name states, here energy is obtained from the wind energy with the help of the wind mills. There are different types of wind mills available, but the most used three blade wind mill is quite common. In this type of mill, blades rotates due to wind power. Blades are connected on shaft and shaft is coupled to the generator. Hence when blades rotate due to wind power wind energy is converted into mechanical energy further it is converted into electrical energy with the help of generator. Wind mills can be used in the area where strong and constant wind is available. This does not causes air pollution, thus this is very useful.

Solar Energy

Sun is a very huge source of energy. Earth receives very large amount of solar energy every day. Solar energy is unlimited and we can make use of it for various purposes. Solar energy can be applied in many ways like-
1. Water heating for domestic use.
2. Heating food stuffs,through solar ovens.
3. Solar air conditioning.
4. Generation of electricity in satellites and on ground,too, with the help of photovoltaic cells.
5. In solar furnaces.

Geothermal energy

It is the energy obtained by the heat from the interior of the earth. you might have seen the hot water coming from ground, that's because of the geothermal energy. This geothermal energy can be used for various purpose like generation of electricity. There many power plants based on geothermal energy. In these plants water is injected in the ground to heat it by geothermal energy and steam is taken out to run turbines. By using geothermal energy we can save huge quantity of coal.

Tidal Energy

This energy is obtained from the tides produced in the ocean. It requires different of several meters in high tide and low tide to spin turbines which are arranged in some manner. When tide comes in a constructed basin it remains their till low tide and low tide water comes out from basin revolving turbines through the path made for it. Thus tidal energy can be used for the generation of electricity effectively.


Hydrogen has a very high energy content so it can serve as an excellent fuel. It contains near about 150 KJ/g of energy which is produced by-
1. Thermal dissociation of water at 3000 kelvin
2. Chemical reaction of water with some other chemicals.
3. By electrolytic method from water.
There are many other renewable sources like hydropower, biogas etc. Renewable energy sources pollution free and they are unlimited so we have to use renewable energy sources more than non renewable energy sources.


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