Natural Home Remedies

Many of us don't have time for ourselves in this day to day life, as one has to look after office and home and there is no time left for themselves. Many of the health problems can be solved . There are few things which are called as Home Remedies. These are very easy to do and with positive effects.

Natural Home remedies for common health problems.

1. Pimples / acne: There is a simple remedy. Just when you come from outside, clean your face with cold water , may you can try with ice cubes also.

2. Acidity: (a) Drink one glass of buttermilk daily after meals before going to bed.
(b) Eat a teaspoon of sugar.
(c) drink a glass of lemon juice.
(d) avoid spicy foods .
(e) have sound sleep and go to sleep at a particular time at night.
(f) eat curd
(g) drink tender coconut
(h) suck a piece of jaggery

3. Body care : (a) always wear fresh dried clothes
(b) don't wear wet clothes
(c) apply coconut oil before going to bed

4. Cough : (a) ginger - try this it is very effective. chew a small piece of ginger
twice or thrice in a day . In two or three days, the cough will be
(b) make a paste of ginger and add in a glass of hot water. drink that
water twice or thrice.

5. Dandruff: (a) use herbal shampoo
(b) eat fresh vegetables
(c) apply coconut oil daily
(d) ferment curd for 2-3 days. Apply this curd on scalp and then wash .
(e) you can also apply lemon juice .

6. Boils : (a) Apply garlic extract on the infected area.
(b) Onion is also good for curing boils. Apply onion on the boils.
(c) Turmeric - take a teaspoon of turmeric and add few drops of water to
it. Make a paste and apply it on the boils. This is very good

7. Teeth whitening :
(a) avoid smoking.
(b) drink lots of water.
(c) brush your teeth after every lunch and meal.
(d) keep a habit of eating fruits like guava, apple, sugarcane,cucumber,
carrot, etc.
(e) eat green vegetables.
(f) avoid excess tea and coffee.

8. Eye care: (a) Apply cucumber pieces on ears.
(b) You can also use potatoes.
(c) drink carrot juice . It is very good remedy.
(d) apply roses water everyday

9. Constipation:
(a) drink at-least 8 glasses of water daily.
(b) go for morning walk daily
(c) apples are very good in treating constipation. Eat apples daily.
(d) Don't consume Rice when suffering from constipation.
(e) eat salads of beetroot , tomato, etc
(f) Drink lemon juice.

10. Diabetes:(a) Don't take coffee .
(b) use of less amount of oil .
(c) Drink butter milk.
(d) Eat Mosambi.
(e) Intake of bread, rice, potatoes, sweet, etc should be avoided.
(f) Onion is used in treating diabetes.
(g) garlic is natural remedy for treating diabetes.
(h) Turmeric is used to treat diabetes.

11. Menstrual Problems:
(a) Eat vegetables like papaya, pumpkin, drumstick,cucumber, etc.
(b) Regular exercises
(c) Eat banana. This is good for women suffering from excess bleeding.

12. Indigestion:
(a) Eat leafy vegetables, fresh vegetables.
(b) drink 10 glasses of water.
(c) Eat Rice. Add some curd to it and also sweeten it with sugar.
(d) drink Ginger tea after your lunch.

13. Kidney Stones:
(a) Drink lots of water.
(b) coconut water is very good in curing kidney stones.
(c) Don't eat vegetables like peas,cauliflower, carrots.
(d) Say no to pickles, chocolates.
(e) Sleep for 6-7 hours.
(f) Exercise is must.
(g) Drink one glass of fresh tomato juice daily morning.
(h) Fruits like watermelon are very good in treating stones.

Sometimes it may happen that there is no doctor available, due to many reasons. Like, holidays or it may be a night time when you suffer from problems. At night time as there is no doctor available, you can just apply there remedies. They are very useful home remedies.

They don't have side effects.They are permanent remedies and they have become popular now-a-days.


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