Good Thoughts for Growing Children

We are living in the 21st century. In this decade more and more women have become career minded and of working in Office mentality. There is no time left for parents to give good thoughts and education of how to behave when they are growing. As many of the children today know how to use Internet.So as they are playing and searching, they should also learn how to behave.

Some Good thoughts for growing children

As children are considered to be like flowers, they should be treated like flowers.

There are few thoughts for them which are very useful for them in their future. Our future depends upon children today.

1. Children, you are very talented and can do anything . You first trust and have faith in your PARENTS. They are your future builders. They are the one who earn money for you and have to struggle in outside world to give you a good, meaningful life.

2. Trust GOD. Daily at-least say a small prayer to GOD.

3. Give respect to elders. Elders are like your parents and of their age group.

4. What is good for you is known to your parents. They will bring to you before you ask. So don't be behind them shouting and screaming that it was not brought .

5. If you don't get a particular thing, wait for some time .

6. In today's time, money is difficult to earn. Your parents both are earning for you to make your future bright. Don't let them down.

7. Help your mother whenever she needs.

8. Have good habits.

9. Never keep your room dirty . Keep it clean and tidy. Keep your shoes in its place, keep your books always arranged.

10. Say "Good-morning" to persons you meet in morning. Likewise greet them whenever possible. Say "Thanks" when somebody helps you or does any favor to you.

11. Learn to do your homework in time.

12. Play as much as you can . Not only indoor games but also outdoor games. It is good for your health.

13. Study daily.

14. Live each moment. Once the moment gone is gone forever, and will never come back.

15. Never cheat others. Because keep in mind that they also can cheat you later. Cheating is bad.

16. Never tell lies. Or else you will be called as "LIER".

17. Start reading books and stories of GOD whenever you are having holiday. Make it a point to read at-least weekly.

18. Teachers are elders and they will guide you throughout. Try to help them to help you get good marks.

19. If you need respect, then try to give the same to others. Because everyone likes the person who respects them.

20. Be truthful.Be patient.Be sincere.

22. Be well mannered in front of others. They should not feel that "cheeee, what kind of boy / girl she is. "

23. Save water . Because water is needed by everyone.

24. Help the needy person.

25. Give eatables to one who is hungry. God will notice this gesture and will surely reward you.

26. Never copy others. Because you are an INDIVIDUAL and you are UNIQUE.

27. Obey elders.

28. Listen to others what they are speaking first, then you can proceed. It is bad manners that when someone is talking and you start then it will not look good.

29. Create your world and enjoy this life fully.

30. Sleep in time.

31. Never shout and scream and create scene in front of others.

32. Before saying anything, first think twice whether it is good or not , think of others that it will hurt or not. Bad words can break good relationships.

33. Learn new things daily.

34. Save money. Every drop make an ocean.

36. Learn new languages . In the future it could be advantageous for your career.

37. Try to learn good things from every person.

38. Remember that, Relationships are permanent, money is temporary.

39. Be disciplined.

40. Do for your parents what your parents have done for you.

Everything is yours. All are yours. Be one of them but have individual good thoughts. Show others after reading this article that how to behave, not by words but by actions.

They should follow you. SET AN EXAMPLE for others by your good behavior.

No one should point out saying that you are a bad character. They should say that you are good .

All these points are simple to do. You don't have to do much. Be calm, soft spoken, etc.

Try and be a hero/ heroine by your good character.

Best Luck for your future.

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