Hydro-Electric Power Plants

Hydro-electric power plants generate energy with the help oh stationary energy store in water. Hydro-electric power plants are helpful in many ways. They are surely best power generation plants. This article will tell you about hydro-electric power plants in brief.

Hydro-electric power plants uses water power stored in dams or from water falling from height. When water falls from hieght, then energy in water is able to rotate the turbine which is coupled to alternator. Thus there is no use of any fuel and they do not make pollution also. Hence they are eco-buddy too.
For hydro-electric projects a dam is built on a river to store water. Generally dam is built on a height. The water from dam is is taken out from penstock, that is a tunnel type huge pipe, to the generation house which is built at lower height than that of dam. There is a surge tank joind to penstock at some upper height. Surge tank is helpful to avoid hammering (when a door of penstock is opened then water impulses on turbine due to pressure, this is called hammering). When water falls on turbine from penstock then it rotates the turbine. Turbine is coupled to alternator (AC generator) which generates electricity. This electricity is given to civil area and industries. The water which is used, is taken out from tail race to river.

Hydro-Electric Power Plants

Advantages of Hydro-Electriic plants
1. These plants do not require any fuel. Thus there is no pollution and cost oof generation is also low.
2. The maintainance of hydro plants is very low as compared to steam and nuclear power plants.
3. The uselful life of these plants is around 50 to 70 years.
4. These are generally multipurpose projects. Along with electricity generation, they can also be used for irrigation, flood control etc.
5. They are located in remote areas where land cost is also not a problem

1. Very high cost of civil engineering work.
2. It is dependent on availibility of water. In a dry year power generation is very small.
3. The capacity of these plants is, low hence they needs backup from steam or other power plants.
4. They take very long time to built them.


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Nice article.

Hydroelectic plants are need of today's India.

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