Concept of basic biology

Involving , Basic components,Cell structure,Heredity factor of genes.

Biotic & Abiotic Components are basic components of any Living & Non living organism including his survival in the biosphere of Universe.

As we know that nature is made up of these Biotic & Abiotic Components. Every biotic components is made up of Cell. The scientist named as Robert Hook discovered the studies of cells by performing an experiement with the help of cork under microscope and he termed it as cell. In this universe Bacteria,Algae etc are unicellular living organism which are made up of one cell.And those living things which are madeup of more than one cell are called multicellular living organisms.

Structure of Cells :- Cells are termed as Structural & Functional unit of life. Cell are also found in plants, those are protected by cell wall.. The plant cell is made up of cellulose.

Cell wall contents are plasma membrane which regulates the flow of water & Solute in the cell as it is found to be inner layer of cell. There is Transculent and viscous like substance placed inside the cell is called as Cytoplasm including the distributions of different organs this Cytoplasmic organs performs different functions. Important organelle is the nucleus which has it own envelops. Nucleus is surrounded by plasmic membrane termed as Nucleoplasm which contains nuclei & chromatin , which helps at the time of duplication of cells which gets organised in to long thread called as chromosomes. This chromosome helps in giving necessary information to the Cell.

Hereditary factors Genes:- Responsible Hereditary factors to make an individual characters are Genes which a responsible for proper function and growth of living organism.

The Cytoplasm is branched in the form of tubular structure called as Endoplasmic reticulum which transport the material within the cell. There are presence of Ribosome on the surface of Endoplasmic reticulum. Ribosomes are involved in protein synthesis of within the cell. In plant cells chloroplast plays an important role in performing the function of photosynthesis. Animals do not have these particular organelles. The peculiar organells is also known as the Mitochondria which perform the functions of oxidation of food which took place during process of releasing of energy that is at the time of Respiration which involves intake of Oxygen & release of carbondioxide from the body.


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