Importance of Vaccinations

Vaccination are boon to mankind as they have successfully helped us to eradicate few of the dangerous infections that have been responsible for severe deaths till date.

Importance of Vaccinations

Vaccination is the administration of certain drug (vaccine) into human body for acquiring immunity to certain disease. This is one of the best preventive measures that can prevent certain infectious diseases. Certain diseases like Measles, Small pox, Cholera, Diphtheria have been known to claim lives of many people throughout the country and world wide. Thanks to the introduction of the vaccinations against these diseases which helped us to get eradicated of these dangerous diseases. Diseases like Small pox and Cholera are known to be harmful to such an extent that more than 2 million people till date have been victim to these diseases globally.

Harmful diseases that have been eradicated globally due to vaccinations

Measles – Measles has been one of the major concerns globally until 2003. It had been one of the severe infections which remained the primary cause of death in small children.

Diphtheria – Diphtheria has been one of the major threats all around the world. This infection has been responsible for the death of around 4 lakh people, 50% of them new born.

Smallpox – Though Smallpox has been completely eradicated from the world, thanks to its vaccination; still it had been one of the worst scares with around 2 million people falling prey to it in 1967.

Polio – Polio is on the verge of getting eradicated entirely from this world, thanks to the various campaigns and measures taken by the Government for encouragement of the polio vaccine. Still today we see few cases of polio infections since these campaigns fail to improve attitude and understanding of people in rural areas.

Why do we still need to vaccinate our kids?

The simple reason behind this question is that though we have been successful to eradicate these diseases globally still, few of them haven't completely vanished and still are prevalent in small percentage. For example diseases and infections like whooping cough, Chickenpox, polio, influenza, pneumonia, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Meningococcal. Hence these vaccinations are compulsory, especially in newborns who are more vulnerable to these infections. Also once a new born is vaccinated for these infections; it also proves out to be beneficial for them in the years to come.

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