MTech syllabus for ANTENNA THEORY And DESIGN

MTech syllabus for ANTENNA THEORY And DESIGN

Antenna Fundamentals and Definitions: Radiation mechanism - over view, Electromagnetic Fundamentals, Solution of Maxwell's Equations for Radiation Problems, Ideal Dipole, Radiation Patterns, Directivity and Gain, Antenna Impedance, Radiation Efficiency. Antenna Polarization

Resonant Antennas: Wires and Patches, Dipole ntennas, Yagi - Uda Antennas, Micro strip Antenna.

Arrays: Array factor for linear arrays, uniformly excited, equally spaced Linear arrays, pattern multiplication, directivity of linear arrays, non- uniformly excited -equally spaced linear arrays, Mutual coupling, multidimensional arrays, phased arrays, feeding techniques, perspective on arrays.

Broad band Antennas: Traveling - wave antennas, Helical antennas, Biconical antennas, sleave antennas, and Principles of frequency - independent Antennas, spiral antennas, and Log - Periodic Antennas.

Aperture Antennas: Techniques for evaluating Gain, reflector antennas - Parabolic reflector antenna principles, Axi -symmetric parabolic reflector antenna, offset parabolic reflectors, dual reflector antennas, Gain calculations for reflector antennas, feed antennas for reflectors, field representations, matching the feed to the reflector, general feed model, feed antennas used in practice.

Antenna Synthesis: Formulation of the synthesis problem, synthesis principles, line sources shaped beam synthesis, linear array shaped beam synthesis — Fourier Series, Woodward — Lawson sampling method, comparison of shaped beam synthesis methods, low side lobe narrow main beam synthesis methods Dolph Chebyshev linear array, Taylor line source method.

Method of Moments : Introduction to method of Moments, Pocklington's integral equation, integral equations and Kirchoff's Networking Equations, Source Modeling Weighted residuals formulations and computational consideration, calculation of antenna and scatter characteristics.
CEM for Antennas : Finite Difference Time Domain Method Geometrical Optics Wedge diffraction theory, ray fixed coordinate system, uniform theory of wedge diffraction, E - Plane analysis of Horn antennas. Cylindrical parabolic antenna, radiation by a slot on a finite ground plane, radiation by a monopole on a finite ground plane, equivalent current concepts, multiple diffraction formulation, by curved surfaces, physical optics, method of stationary phase,

Physical theory of diffraction, cylindrical parabolic reflector antennas.


1. MATLAB / C Implementation to obtain radiation pattern of an antenna
2. Experimental study of radiation pattern of antenna.
3. Significance of pocklington's integral equation
4. Measurement techniques of radiation characteristics of antenna.
5. Survey on frequency independent antennas
6. Analysis of E plane and H- plane Horns.


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