KBC 4 Sample Questions and Answers on Indian Mythology

This article gives a complete list of KBC4 Indian Mythology Questions and Answers; KBC4 Auditions Indian Mythology Sample Test Questions and Answers.

The first round of KBC4 Audtions are over and the second round is soon to take place. You could be in that second round or lucky enough to get selected to be on air for the KBC4 TV program

Check out your knowledge of Indian Mythology by answering the KBC4 sample questions below. All answers are given at the end. Remember: no ! don't scroll down till you answer the lot.

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1. Which musical instrument is held by Goddess Saraswati?
A. Violin
B. Veena
C. Sitar
D. Flute

2. Lord Kamadeva's vehicle is:
A. Elephant
B. Swan
C. Parrot
D. Eagle

3. Which Goddess, who is a form of Goddess Parvati, lured demons to their death?
A. Goddess Anila
B. Goddess Anantesa
C. Goddess Ambika
D. Goddess Anala

4. In which Avatar did Lord Vishnu take the form of a fish?
A. Varaha
B. Matsya
C. Vamana
D. Vashishta

5. Who is the Goddess of the Moon?
A. Anuradha
B. Kalki
C. Anumati
D. Lakshmi

6. Which God in Indian mythology has a bow named Ajagava?
A. Indra
B. Shiva
C. Vishnu
D. Surya

7. Which God is depicted as a dwarf with one yellow eye?
A. Kubera
B. Varuna
C. Brahma
D. Kamadeva

8. Which animal is Yama's vehicle?
A. Crocodile
B. Tiger
C. Elephant
D. Buffalo

9. Who is God Varuna's brother?
A. Mitra
B. Maruti
C. Shiva
D. Yama

10. Who is the God of the Pole Star?
A. Surya
B. Dhruva
C. Shiva
D. Indra

Answers: 1. Veena; 2. Parrot; 3. Ambika; 4. Matsya; 5. Anumati; 6. Shiva; 7. Kubera; 8. Buffalo; 9. Mitra; 10. Dhruva


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