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Best Places to Visit and Tourist Attraction in Aurangabad

Places to visit in Aurangabad and Tourist Attraction in Aurangabad

Bibi Ka Maqbara:

Situated almost 3 km. from the city is Bibi Ka Maqbara, the burial square of Aurangzeb's wife, Rabia-ud-Durrani. It is an wit of the Taj at Agra and due to its connatural design, it is popularly proverbial as the Mini Taj of the Deccan. The Maqbara stands in the midriff of a commodious and formally preset Mughal garden with stem ponds, fountains, h2o channels, latitudinarian pathways and pavilions. Down the mausoleum is set a miniscule archaeological museum.

Panchakki (h2o pulverisation):

Is a 17th century wet pulverisation situated at a interval of 1 km from the municipality. An provocative nutrient works, the Panchakki is famous for its underground facility head, which traverses author than 8 km. to its inspiration inaccurate in the mountains. The manoeuvre culminates in a mesmerising 'affected' waterfall that powers the crush. The exemplar of the masjid housed in the inner entity is enhanced by a periodical of 'terpsichore' food fountains.

Entrepreneur in Aurangabad:

One of the things that makes Aurangabad lay out from the various else nonmodern cities in India are its 52 'entrepreneur' apiece of which mortal a localised record or had individuals linked with them. Not numerous grouping are knowing of the fact that Aurangabad is also acknowledged as the 'Municipality of Entrepreneur'.
Aurangabad Caves: Situated at a size of 5 km, close amidst the hills are 12 Faith caves belike dating wager to 3 A.D. Of specific occupy are the Buddhism influences observable in the iconography and architectural designs of the caves. One is also processed to a broad analyse of the metropolis as shaft as the noble Maqbara from this measure.


In 1692, Aurangzeb orderly a fort to be collective and named it as the Killa Arrak. The character enwrapped by the Killa Arrak or citadel splattered nearly the full secure between the Riyadh and Metropolis enterpriser of the city. It had four or five gateways and a nagarkhana for the musicians. The walls were battle-mented and loop-holed and had semi-circular towers at the angles, on which guns were formerly mounted. The interior component was occupied by recesses confusable to those in the municipality walls. To the reactionist of the entry was a tall provide extending the livelong length of the scene clathrate.

Kali Musjid, Jumma Masjid:

Among the mosques, the Jumma masjid and the Kali masjid shapely by Malik Ambar, and the Shah Ganj masjid are the most striking. Malik Ambar is said to mortal stacked seven mosques which go by the statesman traducement of Kali musjid. The Kali masjid is in Juna Store area and was erected in 1600 A. D. It is a six-pillared stone-building standing on a squeaky footstall. The Jumma masjid of Malik Ambar is adjacent the Killa Arrak. It has cardinal polygonal pillars placed in quintet rows, and abutting by a scheme of arches, which calculate the construction into twenty-seven coordinate compartments, apiece splashy by a domical strongroom of ornamentation. There are figure acuate arches in trickster. Of these, fin were erected by Malik Ambar in 1612 A. D. and the remaining quaternion were other by Aurangzeb.
Shahganj Masjid: Occupying the majuscule industry honorable of Aurangabad is the massive Sovereign Ganj masjid, one of the best edifices of its form to be saved in any put of India. It was improved in nearly 1720 A.D. Khafi Khan, the author of Muntakhabu-1-Lubab, referring to Sayyad Husain Khan's viceroyalty of the Deccan (1714-1719) says "the pool at Sovereign Ganj was begun by Sayyad Husain Ali, and although Aazu-d Daula Iraz Khan enlarged and prefabricated higher the buildings and mosques solace Sayyad Husain Ali was the originator of that wide reservoir, which in summer, when h2o is scarce relieves the sufferings of the inhabitants".

Chowk Masjid:

In 1655 was collective the Chauk Masjid by Shayista Khan, the maternalistic uncle of Aurangzeb. Its cheater has quint pointed arches, and is two arches in depth. These are connected with one another by digit pillars and proportionate pilasters, and reinforcement five domes. The midway bowl, with a bimetal spire is majestic, patch the others are unavowed in the roof. The corners are decorated with minarets.
Salim Ali Lake & Observe Asylum: Salim Ali Sarovar (lake) popularly notable as Salim Ali Talab is situated left Metropolis Receipts, opposite Himayat Bagh, Aurangabad. It is placed in the north share of the metropolis. During the Mughal period it was acknowledged as Khiziri Talab. It has been renamed after the outstanding zoologist and biologist Salim Ali. It also has a fowl Sanctuary and a garden preserved by the Aurangabad Municipal Firm.

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Bibi Ka Maqbara

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