Ignou c++ and object oriented programming


C++ And Object oriented Programming

1. (a) Is C++ an object oriented language? Give reasons to justify your answer. (5)

(b) What are looping statements provided in c++? Explain their syntax. (6)

(c) Write a C++ function called sort ( ) to sort a given list of integers. If the need be, it may call a function called swap (int & x, int & y) to exchange the contents of two variables called x and y of type, integers. (9)

(d) What are the applications of use case diagram and interaction diagram? Give example of each. (5)

(e) What is a constructor? How is it defined and when is it called? (5)

2. (a) Write a C++ program to calculate first 15 terms of fibonacci series. (5)

[fibonacci series is defined as

f (n) = f (n - 1) + f (n - 2),
f (0) = 0
f (1) = 1]

(b) How are dynamic objects created and destroyed? (5)

3. (a) What is an inline function? What are its limitations? (5)

(b) How are arrays declared in C++? How can pointers be use to manipulate array elements? Give an example. (5)

4. (a) Mention the difference between ad-hoc and universal polymorphism. (5)

(b) Define operator overloading. Why are inherited operators often not very useful in derived classes? (5)

5. (a) Explain the concept of inheritance with the help of suitable example. (5)

(b) Write a class called Time consisting of the following three methods. (5)

• Read_later() ____It reads time in following format
hh: hours
mm: minutes
ss: Seconds
• Display_time() ____It display time in the following format
hh : mm : ss
• Add_time() ____It takes two time objects T1 and T2, adds them to give third time object T3

Reference: http://exampapers1234.blogspot.com/2010/08/ignou-bca-previous-year-question-papers.html

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