Meanings of 108 Names of Ganapati Lord Ganesha Names Meanings

This article gives a complete list of Names of Ganapati and their meanings; Ganapati Names for Baby Girls; Ganapati Names for Baby Boys; 108 Names of Lord Ganesha and their Meanings.

Ganapati Lord Ganesha 108 Names Meanings

1. Akhuratha: One who has a mouse as Charioteer
2. Alampata: Lord who is eternal
3. Amit: Lord who is incomparable
4. Anantachidrupamayam: Infinite Lord
5. Avaneesh: Lord of the entire world
6. Avighna: One who removes all obstacles
7. Balaganapati: Lovable child (marathi word for child is 'bala')
8. Bhalchandra: Lord who has the crest of the moon (Chandra means moon)
9. Bheema: One who is gigantic
10. Bhupati: Lord of all the Gods
11. Bhuvanpati: Similar to Bhupati - God of all the Gods
12. Buddhinathm: Lord of wisdom
13. Buddhipriya: One who gives knowledge
14. Buddhividhata: Lord of knowledge
15. Chaturbhuj: One who has four arms (Bhuj is a Sanskrit word meaning arm)
16. Devadeva: Lord of all the Lords
17. Devantakanashakarin: One who destroys evil and the asuras (demons)
18. Devavrata: One who accepts all atonements
19. Devendrashika: Lord who protects all the Gods
20. Dharmik: Lord who gives charity
21. Dhoomravarna: Smoke-Hued Lord
22. Durja: Lord who is unbeatable
23. Dvaimatura: One who has two mothers
24. Ekaakshara: One who is of a single letter (ek means one; akshar means letter)
25. Ekadanta: Lord with a single tusk (dant means tooth)
26. Ekadrishta: Lord of one direction
27. Eshanputra: Son or Lord Shiva (putra means son; Eshan means 'ruler' and is another name of Lord Shiva)
28. Gadadhara: One who has a mace as weapon (gada means mace)
29. Gajakarna: One who has eyes resembling those of an elephant (gaja means elephant)
30. Gajanana: Elephant-faced Lord
31. Gajananeti: Elephant Faced Lord
32. Gajavakra: Trunk of The Elephant-God
33. Gajavaktra; One who has a face resembling that of an elephant
34. Ganadhakshya: Lord of all the Gods (Ganas refer to Gods)
35. Ganadhyakshina: Chief of all the celestial bodies
36. Ganapati: Lord of All Ganas (Gods)
37. Gaurisuta: Son of Gauri (Gauri is the other name of Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesha's mother)
38. Gunina: One who is Master of all virtues (Gun means virtue)
39. Haridra: One who is golden
40. Heramba: Beloved son of mother
41. Kapila: One who is yellowish-brown
42. Kaveesha: Chief of poets (Kavi means a poet)
43. Kirti: Lord of music
44. Kripalu: Lord who is merciful
45. Krishapingaksha: One who has yellow-brownish eyes
46. Kshamakaram: One who forgives
47. Kshipra: One who is easy to pacify/placate
48. Lambakarna: Large-eared Lord
49. Lambodara: Large-bellied Lord
50. Mahabala: Lord who is extremely strong
51. Mahaganpati: Lord who is Supreme and Omnipotent (all-powerful)
52. Maheshwaram: Lord of the Universe
53. Mangalamurti: Lord who auspicious for all things
54. Manomay: One who wins all hearts
55. Mrityuanjaya: One who conquers death (Mrityu means death)
56. Mundakarama: One who has the abode of Happiness
57. Muktidaya: One who bestows eternal bliss
58. Mushikvahana: Lord who has a mouse as charioteer (same as the first name Akhuratha)
59. Nadapratithishta: One who appreciates and loves music
60. Namasthetu: Lord who conquers all sins and evils
61. Nandana: Son of Lord Shiva
62. Nideeshwaram: Lord who gives wealth
63. Omkara: One who has the Form Of OM
64. Pitambara: One who has a yellow-coloured body
65. Pramoda: Lord of all homes/dwellings
66. Prathameshwara: First among All
67. Purush: Lord who is an omnipresent
68. Rakta: One who has a red-coloured Body
69. Rudrapriya: Beloved of Lord Shiva
70. Sarvadevatman: One who accepts all celestial offerings (Sarva means all; devata means Gods who are referred to as celestial beings)
71. Sarvasiddhanta: One who bestows wisdom and skills
72. Sarvatman: One who is the protector of the entire Universe
73. Shambhavi: Son of Godess Parvati
74. Shashivarnam: One who has a complexion resembling the moon
75. Shoorpakarna: One who has large ears
76. Shuban: Lord who is auspicious for everything
77. Shubhagunakanan: Chief of all virtues
78. Shweta: One who is as pure as the colour white
79. Siddhidhata: One who gives success (this is why students visit Lord Ganesha's temple before an important exam!)
80. Siddhipriya: One who bestows wishes
81. Siddhivinayaka: One who gives success (same as Siddhidhata)
82. Skandapurvaja: The elder brother of Lord Karthik (Skand is another name of Lord Ganesha's younger brother)
83. Sumukha: One who has an auspicious face
84. Sureshwaram: Lord of All Lords
85. Swaroop: One who is lover of beauty
86. Tarun: One who is ageless
87. Uddanda: One who is the adversary of all evils and sins
88. Umaputra: Son of Goddess Parvati (Uma is another name of Lord Ganesha's mother)
89. Vakratunda: Lord with a curved trunk
90. Varaganapati: One who grants boons
91. Varaprada: Same as Varaganapati – one who grants boons
92. Varadavinayaka: One who gives success
93. Veeraganapati: Lord who is heroic (Veer means heroic/brave)
94. Vidyavaridhi: The God of wisdom
95. Vighnahara: One who removes all obstacles
96. Vignaharta: One who destrosy all obstacles
97. Vighnaraja: Lord of all obstacles
98. Vighnarajendra: Lord of all obstacles
99. Vighnavinashanaya: One who destroys all obstacles
100. Vigneshwara: Lord of All Obstacles
101. Vikat: One who is gigantic
102. Vinayaka: Lord of all beings
103. Vishwamukha: Chief and master of the entire Universt
104. Vishwaraja: One who is King of the whole world
105. Yagnakaya: One who accepts all the sacrificial and sacred offerings
106. Yashaskaram: One who gives fame and fortune
107. Yashvasin: One who is popular and beloved
108. Yogadhipa: Lord of meditation

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