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Here in this post we will discuss series of cancer treatment. Specifically in this post we will discuss Biologic therapy.

Cancer treatments

In last post we read about what is cancer, how it is formed and other cancer basic, Here in this series we will discuss the details of each cancer treatment. It is advised that to understand this post please read the basics of cancer from my last post on same topic.

Biologic therapy

This therapy helps human immune system to function better by using natural substances occurring in body or some man-made substances also can be introduced in body instead of those natural occurring substances. Biologic therapy also known as immunotherapy or biological, BRMs, biological agents.
Immune system prevents body from disease. So in these therapy biological agents helps immune system to preventing cancer and spreading of cancer. Immune system is natural defense to fight cancer. This therapy generally used to slow down the growth of cancer and slowing down the spreading.

Biologic or immunotherapy can be given by mouth, into a vein or by injection or into the muscles. Sometimes therapies can directly give to body cavity to treat specific affected site. Use of any therapy is depending on type of cancer, its location, size and grade. Please consult specialist doctors for more specific information.

Side effects of biologic therapy

In this therapy cancer is treated by helping immune system with natural substances only but side effect can be caused due to amount of doe and administration if treatment. Generally side effect and vanished in 24 to 48 hours, general form of side effects are chills, fever, vomiting, body aches, loss of appetite and fatigue. Biologic therapy is relatively new, long term side effects are not yet known.

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