MHT CET Sample Paper

MHT CET Sample Question Paper

MHT CET Sample Paper

1. According to Prevost's theory every object
(A) radiates heat at the temperature above room temperature
(B) absorbs heat at the temperature above room temperature
(C) radiates heat at all temperatures
(D) reflects radiant heat at all temperatures

2. When interference pattern is obtained the distance between the mid point of the 6th dark band on one side and 4th bright band on the other side of the central bright band is
(A) 2 times the band width
(B) 10.5 times the band width
(C) 9.5 times the band width
(D) 10 times the band width

3. The internal resistance of lead acid cell is less than the internal resistance of
(A) Daniell cell
(B) Leclanche cell
(C) dry cell
(D) all of these

4. A resistance of 2 is connected in parallel to a galvanometer of resistance 48 . The fraction of the total current passing through the resistance of 2 is
(A) 92%
(B) 94%
(C) 96%
(D) 98%

5. A coil and a bar magnet move in the same direction with same high speed then
(A) high emf is induced across the coil
(B) no emf is induced across the coil
(C) low emf is induced across the coil
(D) magnetic flux linked with the coil changes fast

6. Plate characteristics of a triode valve are the curves obtained on plotting a graph between
(A) plate voltage and plate current at constant grid voltage
(B) grid voltage and plate current at constant plate voltage
(C) grid voltage and plate voltage at constant plate current
(D) filament current and plate current at constant plate voltage

7. To use a transistor as an amplifier
(A) emitter−base junction is forward biased and collector−base junction is reverse biased
(B) both junctions are forward biased
(C) both junctions are reverse biased
(D) it does not matter how the transistor is biased, it always works as an amplifier

8. Among the third row elements, silicon has the highest
(A) Melting point
(B) Electronegativity
(C) Electron affinity
(D) Electropositivity

9. The solubility product of barium chromate is 2.4 × 10−10. The maximum concentration of barium nitrate possible without precipitation in a solution of 6 × 10 −4 M K2CrO4 is
(A) 7 4 10 M × −
(B) 10 1.2 10 M × −
(C) 4 6 10 M × −
(D) 4 3 10 M × −

10. An acid is 40% dissociated in an aqueous solution. The hydronium ion concentration of its 0.2M solution would be
(A) 0.08 M
(B) 0.4 M
(C) 0.2 M
(D) 0.5 M

11. Which of the following compounds will not give a yellow precipitate with iodine and alkali?
(A) Ethanal
(B) Ethanol
(C) 1−propanol
(D) 2−propanol

12. One of the products of the reaction between concentrated sodium hydroxide and benzaldehyde is
(A) benzyl alcohol
(B) Hydrobenzamide
(C) Cinnamic acid
(D) Benzophenone

13. On strong heating, ammonium acetate gives
(A) Acetamide
(B) Methylcyanide
(C) Urea
(D) Formamide

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