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MIDC Government Public Tenders notice

You can search more about Government and Public tender notices of MIDC i.e. maharashtra industrial developement corporation at Maharashtra District MIDC and you can apply electrical tenders, building tenders, road tenders, stationary tenders, software tenders as well as bsnl tenders, catering tenders in maharashtra districts.

Tenders of Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation

Premises required in Mumbai and Suburbs. Technical and Commercial bid
46. Consultancy services of core banking solutions at maharashtra Gramin bank
45. Rfp for proposal for supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of CC TV Solution with Digital Video Recording with Central Monitoring System for Bank of Maharashtra.
44. Premises required in Chennai.
43. Premises required in Delhi and Ghaziabad.
42. Sale of bank's car
41. Sale of vehicles - Mumbai (Four Wheelers)
40. RFP for procurement of Note Sorting Machines

49.(a) Prebid Queries

39. Premises required for branches in Lucknow Region
38. Premises required for branches in Pune
37. Insurance Cover under Banker's Indemnity Policy
36. Accident Insurance Cover to its employees
35. Sale of cars
34. Providing Catering Services at Bank's Head Office at 'Lokmangal',Shivajinagar, Pune
33. Furnishing and Electrical works at the main lobby at Bank of Maharashtra, Lokmangal Shivaji Nagar, Pune
32. Clarification To PRE BID Queries RFP 034-2009- Purchase supply installation commissioning and maintenance of Note Sorting Machines
31. RFP 034 - 2009 date of pre bid meeting
30. RFP for Calendar
29. Tender Notification For Supply Of Diaries
28. Premises Required - Gurgaon
27. Purchase ,Supply,Installation,Commissioning And Maintenance Of Note Sorting Machines
26. Appointment of Architects/ Consultants for construction of work of currency chest / office / branch at Ahmednagar | view Advertisement
25. Empanelment of architects & contractors-jaipur region | View Advertisement
24. Pre-bid meeting minutes held on 14th august 2009 for bank of maharashtras fort branchs civil, furnishing & electrical work
23. Offer to give on lease/ ownership basis premises: Download Pdf | View Advertisement
22. Tender for purchase of residential flats in pune ,/
21. Tender for purchase of residential flats in mumbai
20. Tender for purchase of non-agriculture land
19. Tender for purchase of office premises at pimple saudagar, pune
18. Tender for purchase of office premises at dhayari, pune
17. Tender for electrical work bank of maharashtra's fort branch
16. Tender for civil & furnishing work of bank of maharashtra's fort branch
15. Applications for empanelment of ups vendors & contractors
14. Inviting Quotations for supply of Silver Salvers
13. Premises Required For Branches In Pune And Surrounding Areas. Senior Manager
12. Pre Application Meet on 10/06/2009 - Queries and Bank's Replies(Empanelment of Media Agencies)
11. Tender for Purchase of LAND
10. Empanelment of Media Agencies for (i) Media buying (ii)Public Relations (iii)Event Management and (iv) Creative Agencies
9. Requires Commercial Premises at Sector 48 Noida
8. Tender Notice- Annual Report 2008-09
7. Provision Of Mess Services At Banks Staff Training College
6. Request for Proposal (RFP) For Supply and Installation of Sinewave UPS of 1400 VA with battery backup (tubular) & 600 VA short backup UPS
5. Premises Required Gurgaon Branches
4. Tender notice for the construction of currency chest at Aurangabad
3. RFP for Annual Report 2010-2011
2. Premises Required
1. Empanelment of suppliers of various goods and services

Maharashtra Tenders and VAT

Accordingly the new rule of VAT i.e. value added tax, you may need to pay extra tax for your tenders which you will apply in future. Kindly get more information at your district MIDC office of Maharashtra state.

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Author: Mahesh28 Jan 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Serial No. ............ Tender No. DGP/XVIII/30/(2009-2010)/Force one (Elbowpad)/105/ 09 Rs. 2000/-
Serial No................ Price Rs. 2000/-
(To be signed & stamped and to be returned with the Sealed Tender bid to the Director General
& Inspector-General of Police, Maharashtra State, Police Headquarters,Old Council Hall,
Mumbai: 400 001.)
Schedule to Tender No. DGP/XVIII/30/(2009-2010)/Force one (Elbowpad)/105/ 09
Last date of submission of Tender 28th January 2009 upto 13-00 hrs.
Date of opening of Tender – 28th January 2009 upto 13-30 hrs.
Tender shall remain valid till – 27th April 2010 upto 13-00 hrs.
Description of goods with details of
25 %
1) Specifications are attached herewith.
Terms and Conditions : -
1) The tenderer should submit his tender in “ Two Envelops System “ (Two Bid system), i.e. i)
Technical Envelope ii) Commercial Envelope, separately sealed in different envelopes with
marking as Technical & Commercial tender for the supply for Elbowpad as per Government
of Maharashtra G.R.No. ³Ö֏ÖÓÃÖ 1088/2512/ˆªÖê÷Ö 6, פü−ÖÖӍú 2.1.1992.
2) The tenderer can download the tender form and specifications from the website
www.mahapolice.gov.in , www.mumbaipolice.org. & www.maharashtra.gov.in The tenderer has to
submit Demand Draft of Rs.2000/- in the name of “D.G.P., M.S., Mumbai" in the technical bid as a
tender fee. If tenderer fail to submit tender fee in the form of Demand Draft, his offer will be
rejected. The downloaded tender form will be accepted.
3) The technical bid envelope should contain the following: -
(i) The tender should accompany Earnest Money (in Treasury/ Challan/ Demand Draft)
of 3 per cent of the value of the stores tendered subject to a maximum limit of
Rs.5,000/- and it should be paid in the Treasury under the head "843-Civil Deposits-
Security Deposits not bearing interest-Other Deposits Accounts" and the Challan
should be attached to the tender in original, failing which, quotation will be rejected
Tender received with cheques for Earnest Money will be treated as invalid
(ii) Exemption from EMD to firms registered with SSI/CSPO/NSIC/DGS & D with
Clearly mentioning the validity of registration
¯Öã¸ü¾ÖÖß ³ÖÖ÷Ö 2 ) ´ÖÆüÖ¸üÖ™Òü ¿ÖÖÃÖ−Ö ¸üÖ•Ö¯Ö¡Ö,†ÖÂÖÖoeü, éú.9 ¿Öêú 1931
Serial No. ............ Tender No. . DGP/XVIII/30/(2009-2010)/Force one (Elbowpad)/105/ 09 Rs. 2000/-
Serial No................ Price Rs. 2000/-
(iii) Valid income Tax Clearance Certificate.
(iv) (iv) Latest VAT / Sales Tax Clearance certificate till December 2008 should be
submitted. If the tenderer does not possess the said documents he should submit the
attested copy of receipt of application which he made to the competent authority for
issuance of Income Tax / Sale Tax / VAT clearance certificate. Tenderers should
quote their sales tax registration number. If he fails to submit the same he will be
disqualified from the process.
(v) If the tendered is trader, he should produce authorization from the manufacturer,
whose product he has quoted.
(vi) If the T/E is for ISI mark, then a copy of valid NIS license issued to the
manufacturer should be enclosed.
(vii) Tender form duly stamped and signed by the tenderer accepting the terms and
conditions of the tender.
(viii) List of clients to whom the tenderer has supplied the tendered item mentioning the
qty. and date so supply. Copies of supply orders should be attached.
(ix) The participant should enclose with the tender forms, a brochure giving the model
number offered by him and should also give a comparative chart to show
that the Specifications of his product offered by him for this tender match point to
point with our required Specifications.
4) The Commercial bid envelope should contain the following: -
(i) In this envelope the tenderer shall submit “ Price Tender Form" ( Purchased for
himself and duly signed / attested ) showing all inclusive rates.
(ii) Total final rate of the equipment including Octroi, other taxes, if any, freight etc.
payable by the Government should clearly be stated in the format given below. The
Tenderer should give his final cost per pair and should not use terms such as " if
applicable " or as per actual while quoting the rates any addition / subtraction in the final,
rate quoted as above, after the opening of commercial tender, will be taken as Post –
tender – negotiations and will not be entertained
Basic price Octroi Transport VAT Insura
/ Handling
Packing Custom Excise Others Total
(iii)The price must be figures and in words.
(iv)The Warranty period should be mentioned in Commercial envelope.
(v) Rates F.D/F.O.R. destination all over Maharashtra State should be quoted. No other condition
is acceptable. The selected venders will be required to deliver these Elbowpad in a properly
packed condition to all the district places in Maharashtra.
¯Öã¸ü¾ÖÖß ³ÖÖ÷Ö 2 ) ´ÖÆüÖ¸üÖ™Òü ¿ÖÖÃÖ−Ö ¸üÖ•Ö¯Ö¡Ö,†ÖÂÖÖoeü, éú.9 ¿Öêú 1931
Serial No. ............ Tender No. . DGP/XVIII/30/(2009-2010)/Force one (Elbowpad)/105/ 09 Rs. 2000/-
Serial No................ Price Rs. 2000/-
5) Delivery within Three Months from the date of placing order. Any delay after Three months will be
levied with penalty charges as per rules.
6) The item Elbowpad is reserved for SSI Unit. The tenderer should be submit five pairs of samples of
the item with their seal & signature along with their quotations. Quotations without samples will not
be considered at all. The approved indent sample is available with desk 18 of this office and in
case of any doubts about the specification the participant may have a look at it.
7 )The testing charges of Rs.2,000/- for Government approved laboratories, if any of the Samples
tendered will have to be paid at the time of submission of the tender. The rates of testing charges are
likely to vary & the tenderer will have to pay complete Charges before sending the samples for testing.
The samples will not be returned to the tenderer.
8) The D.G.of Police on his official will have a right to visit the production center to check
Manufacturing & also the quality and the material being used for manufacturing these Elbowpad and
also to withdraw samples if necessary during the Production.
9) All the documents enclosed in Technical and Commercial tenders must be attested by the participant
or his authorized Signatory.
10) All the original documents enclosed in Technical and Commercial tenders must be attested
by the participant or his authorised Signatory. The copies of various Certificates such as “NOC",
Manufactures authority letter etc. should be attested by the Gazetted officers, or by Notary.
11) The turn over and monthly capacity for production of these Elbowpad of the manufactures
has to be sufficient so as to inspire confidence in his capabilities to manufacture good quality
of the product & in sufficient number within the given time.
12) Octroi Exemption Certificate, if required, will be provided from this office.
13) The commercial envelopes of only those participants will be opened who have passed in
demonstration / laboratory testing.
14) The DGP, M.S., reserves the right to select any vendor on the grounds of his experience, the capacity
or turnover of the vendor which can infuse confidence that selected vendor can complete the work within
given time.
15) It is responsibility of the vender to take back EMD after finalizing the tender. No interest will be paid
at any cost on EMD.
16) The tenderers are liberty to remain present or to authorize their representative at the
opening of technical or commercial tender at the time and date specified. Dates quoted for
opening of technical and commercial tender are subject to changes in case there is any holiday
abruptly declared by the Government.
¯Öã¸ü¾ÖÖß ³ÖÖ÷Ö 2 ) ´ÖÆüÖ¸üÖ™Òü ¿ÖÖÃÖ−Ö ¸üÖ•Ö¯Ö¡Ö,†ÖÂÖÖoeü, éú.9 ¿Öêú 1931
Serial No. ............ Tender No. DGP/XVIII/30/(2009-2010)/Force one (Elbowpad)/105/ 09 Rs. 2000/-
Serial No................ Price Rs. 2000/-
17) The Director General of Police ,M.S., reserves the right to reject any, or all tenders
without assigning any reason.
18) In case of no delivery and / or delayed delivery against an order placed with you, the
Director General & Inspector-General of Police, MS, Mumbai. reserves to himself the right to impose
such penalty in his sole discretion as he thinks fit.
19) Without prejudice to the foregoing rights, if such failure to delivery in proper time as
aforesaid shall have arisen from any cause, which the Director General & Inspector General of Police,
MS, Mumbai may admit as a reasonable ground for an extension of the time (and his decision shall be
final) he may allow such additional time as he considered to be justified by the circumstances of the case.
20) Any statutory increases or decrease as an act of State of the Central Government relating to sales and
other taxes shall be to the account of the contractor.
21) The tenderer should state the place of inspection of the stores offered , if the goods are offered for
inspection outside Maharashtra State, the tenderer will have to bear all expenditure of inspection carried
out by this office.
22) The goods should be dispatched at carrier's risk failing which they should be properly covered by
transit insurance with Government Insurance Fund, Mumbai – 400032. . However, the supplier will be
responsible until the entire store contracted for arrival in good condition at destination.
(Signature of Tenderer)
Specifications of Elbowpad
Tactical Operations Elbow Pads
1.0 Scope
It should offer hard-shell elbow protection, for military or law
enforcement tactical applications. Should be consisting of closed-cell foam, a
nylon carrier, polyurethane impact shield secured with metal rivets/eyelets,
and elastic/nylon web straps with hook and loop fasteners. The elbow pad
shall fit comfortably and securely, provide blunt trauma protection to the
elbow, and allow sufficient mobility for performing essential tactical
maneuvers. It shall have two (2) elasticized straps with hook and loop
fasteners to properly secure the elbow pad to the wearer's arm, preventing it
from slipping or detaching.
2.0 Configuration
2.1 Material
The elbow pad shall be constructed of these basic materials:
6) ELASTIC BAND: 100% POLY PROPYLENE (Width: 40mm, Weight: 3
7) VELCRO: 100% NYLON (36mm / 16Grams, 38mm / 18 Grams)
8) BUCKLE: NYLON (48mm x 22mm) – HARDNESS – 65D
9) METAL EYELET: STEEL (6mm x 15mm)
10) THREAD : 100% NYLON 604pp
The padding shall consist 12mm EVA foam. The kneepad outer
shell/carrier shall consist of 600D nylon, securely stitched with 100% nylon
thread. The interior shall consist of 3mm laminate of bonded sponge + nylex
and polyester + polyurethane for comfort. The impact shield shall be
constructed of low-density PE (polyethylene) with grip embossing and shall be
secured to the carrier with four (4) 6mm x 15mm steel rivets/eyelets. The
elbow pad shall be attached to the arm with an upper and lower strap
consisting of 36mm wide nylon webbing and 40mm wide elastic band with
hook and loop fasteners, securely bar-tacked with 100% nylon thread to the
outer edge of the carrier. Two (2) nylon buckles (loops) shall be bar-tacked with
100% 2-ply nylon thread to the edge of the carrier to serve as the return
buckles for the pad straps.
3.0 Sizes, Colors, Measurements, & Weight
The elbow pad shall be available in one size, adjustable to fit most wearers. It
shall adhere to the measurements listed below.
3.1 Standard sizes: One size.
3.2 Available Colors :
The elbow pad shall be available in the following colors: Black, Coyote
Tan, Foliage Green, Olive Drab
3.3 Measurements
Outer fabric size ( 20.5 x 14 +/- 1cm )
Plastic shell size ( 10 x 8 +/- 1cm)
Hook set size ( 4,8 x 2,2 +/- 0,5cm )
Strap size ( 27 x 4 +/- 0,5cm )
Velcro size ( 7,5 x 3,6 +/- 0,3cm )
3.4 Weight : Each pad shall weight approximately 100 g (incl.) - 160 g (incl.)

Author: Mahesh12 Feb 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2


Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth

Rahuri - 413722, District: Ahmednagar, State: Maharashtra, INDIA
Dean, Faculty of Agriculture and Directorate of Instruction


Name of the Items Detail Specification Name of the Firm Approved Rates Terms and Condition
Chairman, Purchase Committee
5. Air purifier Filtrox AIRGAARD Air purifier MOC, MS CRCA
Give air volume of 250 CFM – 425 CuNM/Hr,
Blower is 93 watts with impeller for clean room
operation Hepafilter of 0.3 micron to efficiency of
99.97% with speed regulator inlet outlet grill, UV
tight, Ioniser caster etc.
Snehavardhan Filtrox
863, Sadashiv Peth,
Ahitagani Rajawade Path,
Pune – 411 030
Phone : 020-24472549
Fax: 020:24472549
Mob. 94223 17490
(Mr. L. V. Tawre)
Rs. 25,600/- • Price inclusive of all
• Delivery-One week
• Warranty- One year
• Extra pipe – Company
provides 4 meter
pipe. Extra pipe @
Rs. 110/- per ft. will
be charged.
• FOR destination price
• Validity-Upto
31st March, 2010.
6. All Geared Head
Lathe Machine
Turner make Mackpower, Rajkot
Technical Data : 215 LX-2
Bed : Bed Type 2 V & 2 Flat L x 1825(6'), W x
280 (11") L x 125 mm
Capacity : Height of Centre : 215 (8.45")
Main spindle : Spindle Nose Ø 61.85 mm
Speed: No.of spindle speed : 8
Electicals: Motor Power 3 HP / 2.25 Kw, Weight
(Approx) : 900 kg ,
Floor space occupied: 2125 x 700
Scientific Corporation,
112, First Floor, Ganesh
Chambers, Mehadia Square,
Dhantoli, Nagpur-440 012
Ph. 0712- (O) 2443431,
2447119 (R) 2648738,
Mob-98230 13691/
93733 55351
(Mr. Inder Dara),
Rs. 3,11,100/- • Price inclusive of all
• Delivery-8-10 weeks
• Warranty- One year
• FOR destination price
• Validity 31.3.2010.
Deleted: ¶


Name of the Items Detail Specification Name of the Firm Approved Rates Terms and Condition

251. Laminar Air Flow A) Filtrox Laminar Air Flow
1) Model SF-HTB- 6x2 6feet x 2feet
Constructed out of CRCA MS sheet
metal with stoving enamel coating provided
with- a) HDP Pre-filters for ease
of cleaning.
b) HEPA filters of 0.3 M particles for
99.99% efficiency
e) Castor wheels for ease of movements.
d) Acrylic side screens.
e)Electrical switch cluster
f) Ultra-Violet liquid
g) Speed Controller
2) model Model SF- HTB- 4x2
with 4 feet x 2 feet workspace.
Constructed out of CRCA MS sheet
metal with staving enamel coating provided
with HDP Pre-filter for ease of
cleaning Hepa filters of 0.3 M particles
for 99.99% efficiency.
Tube lights.
Castor wheels for ease of movements
Acrylic side screens/Glass.
Electrical switch cluster.
Standard Melamine table top Ultra violet
Light Speed controller.
Snehavardhan Filtrox
863, Sadashiv Peth, Ahitagani
Rajawade Path,
Pune – 411 030
Phone : 020-24472549
Fax: 020:24472549
Mob. 94223 17490
(Mr. L. V. Tawre)
1) Model
SF-HTB- 6x2
= Rs. 82,125/-
2) Model
SF-HTB- 4x2
= Rs. 66,650/-
· Price including all taxes
· Including VAT (12.5%)
· Warranty- One year from
date of supply / installation
against manufacturing
· Free installation
· Validity upto 30.9.2010
· FOR destination
B) Micro-clean make horizontal laminar air
flow work station.
1) Model- LAFH-622 (Two seat position) With
Gas Cock mounting.
Over all size- 1950mm x 1000mm x 1430mm
Main body- M.S. CRCA PP Powder coated
silent motors and blowers; Vibration free unit.
Micro clean Air system &
services sun Sagar Bldg.
Ground floor, Dattawadi
Akurdi, Pune 411 035
Phone No (020) 27651835
Mr. Dilip Rane Mo.: 98226
1) modelModel-
LAFH–622 =
· Price including all taxes
· Including VAT (12.5%)
· Warranty- One year from
date of supply / installation
against manufacturing

Author: Mahesh24 Feb 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

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