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Instead of function keys which keys are used to create shortcut?Computer BasicsComputer Basics
An Advertisement inviting tender is...MPSC General StudiesMPSC General Studies
From India Who get a only medal in Wrestling in Bejing Olympic 2008General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - Sports
Who was the first Indian to get a Gold Medal in Olympic games General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - Sports
How much The Great Marathi Superstar "Sachin Pilgaonkar" is old when he is doing his debut for Marathi film industry. General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - Movies
Which Marathi Actor celebrated "silver Jubilee" & hold a world record for his continuous 9 movies.....General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - Movies
Who became the first Indian woman M.B.B.S DoctorGeneral KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
Who put forth the thought that "Vedas are not infalliable and that they were created by aryans"?HistoryIndian History
What is the scientific name of Bread Wheat?ScienceBotany
The mrthod of CT scan used in modern imaging uses?ScienceBotany
Which Radioactive substance was discovered by the french scientist Marie Curie?ScienceBotany
Which scientist proposed the theory that"the sun is at the centre of our solar system"?ScienceBotany
How many % water available in our blood?BiologyBiology
Which out of the following minerals is formed as a result of evaporation in the arid regions?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
Which out of the following minerals occurs in the sands of valley floors and the base of hills?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
What is low grade brown coal called?ChemistryChemistry
About 63 per cent of India's petroleum production is from:ChemistryChemistry
Which mineral is used for generating atomic or nuclear power?ChemistryChemistry
Which out of the following is derived from the ocean waters?ChemistryChemistry
Name the mineral which is used to reduce cavity.ChemistryChemistry
Which of the following device is not from pointing type of device? Computer BasicsComputer Basics
The fight of the farmers of Champaran was concerned withGeneral KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
Mahatma Gandhiji first staged national Satyagraha at the time ofGeneral KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
Gopal Ganesh Agarkar was a principle ofGeneral KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
Which party was found by Dr. Babasaheb Abedkar to work in social and political field?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
What do you mean by Ra.One from the film RAONE?Computer BasicsComputer Basics
Who wrote national anthum "Jan-Gan-Man"?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
What is the output of program? #include<stdio.h> main(){ printf("R\n\ta\nn\n\tj\na\n\tn\na");} Computer ScienceComputer Science
What is the stand form of the BPCL? Computer ScienceComputer Science
What is the stand form of COBOL? Computer ScienceComputer Science
What is the stand form is FORTRAN? Computer ScienceComputer Science
What is the name of the man who is invented to c? Computer ScienceComputer Science
Who was the first Indian Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army ? General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
During World War II, when did Germany attack France? General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
Guru Gobind Singh was..... General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
Georgia, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan became the members of UNO in General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
Film and TV institute of India is located at.... General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
While constructing roads,the covers over the drainage are of what shape ?EngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
जैव वायू मध्ये ६०% प्रमाण ........................ वायूचे असते ? MPSC General StudiesMPSC General Studies
स्टेट बँक २५ लाखापर्यंतच्या गृहकर्जावर किती टक्के प्रक्रिया शुल्क घेते? General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - Business
इंग्लिश खाड़ी पोहून जाणारा पहिला भारतीय कोण आहे ?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
Who has written the book 'The Perils of Democracy'?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - India
Company NPCIL is associated with which of the following fields?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - Business
Which regulatory body suggested that the Centre and State Governments should come out with a regulatory framework for the realty sector to protect consumers from unfair trade practices?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - Government
Which if the following is NOT a member of SAARC?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge - World
What does GPL stands in case of a freeware?Computer BasicsSoftware
What does RAM stands for?Computer BasicsHardware
What is the area of the region bounded by the line 3x-5y=15,x=1,x=3 and x-axis in square units? Aptitude TestAptitude Test
Spot error in below given sentence, In financial matter (a) / it is important to (b) / get disinterested advice (c)/no error (d).Aptitude TestAptitude Test
Which gas is responsible for the swelling of bread?ChemistryChemistry

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