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What is low grade brown coal called?ChemistryChemistry
About 63 per cent of India's petroleum production is from:ChemistryChemistry
Which mineral is used for generating atomic or nuclear power?ChemistryChemistry
Which out of the following is derived from the ocean waters?ChemistryChemistry
Name the mineral which is used to reduce cavity.ChemistryChemistry
Which gas is responsible for the swelling of bread?ChemistryChemistry
The Function of heavy water in a nuclear reactor is toChemistryChemistry
Which has definite volume but not definite shape?ChemistryChemistry
An element is determined by number of _______________ChemistryChemistry
Caso4 is named asChemistryChemistry
Fluorine is _______________ChemistryChemistry
Cobalt is a _________________ChemistryChemistry
Yhirium is a ___________-ChemistryChemistry
Which of the following represent Alpha Particle ?ChemistryChemistry
Atomic number of Second Transition Series lie from ChemistryChemistry
Atomic number of Second Transition Series lie from ChemistryChemistry
What is the colour of Transition element Fe3+ ? ChemistryChemistry
What is the atomic number of iridium?ChemistryChemistry
What is the standard atomic weight of the helium?ChemistryChemistry
The probability of finding a 1s electron is maximum...ChemistryChemistry
What is the IUPAC suffix of aldehyde ?ChemistryChemistry
Which catalyst is used in Wurtz reactionChemistryChemistry
Wurtz reaction is used for prepare...ChemistryChemistry
Which of the following is haloacid ?ChemistryChemistry
What is the molecular formula of glycerol ?ChemistryChemistry
Which bond is formed by linear overlaping ?ChemistryChemistry
Chlorination of alkane reacts in presence of....ChemistryChemistry
Specific Gravity of PVC (Poly Vinyl Choloride) is.ChemistryChemistry
What is the general representation of Acids ?ChemistryChemistry
The hybridization state in Alkane is.ChemistryChemistry
Thermoplastic resin is.ChemistryChemistry
Number of electrons are present outer most shell of carbon.ChemistryChemistry
Valency of Carbon is.ChemistryChemistry
Percentage of Carbon in High Carbon Steel is. ChemistryChemistry
What is the Specific Gravity of Palm oil ?ChemistryChemistry
Lard oil is obtained from.ChemistryChemistry
Which bond is present in Alkanes ? ChemistryChemistry
What is the functional group of aldehyde ? ChemistryChemistry
How many Carbon atoms are present in 'Nylon-66' ?ChemistryChemistry
The mean distance of sun from the earth is called?ChemistryChemistry
Which of the following gases is a supporter of combustion?ChemistryChemistry
Which one of the following metals is used as a catalyst in the Habers process? ChemistryChemistry
Which of the following will not give dinitrogen gas with nitrous acid?ChemistryChemistry
Which of the following unit cells has the highest symmetry? ChemistryChemistry
Which of the following sulphides is black in colour ?ChemistryChemistry
Which of the following salts does not liberate carbon dioxide on treatment with dilute hydrochloric acid?ChemistryChemistry
1)Which thread can be develop from cellulose ? ChemistryChemistry
What is the atomic number of potassium ?ChemistryChemistry
What is the atomic Number of tungsten ?ChemistryChemistry
What is the melting point of tungsten ?ChemistryChemistry

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