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While constructing roads,the covers over the drainage are of what shape ?EngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
The average of 7 consecutive numbers is 20.The largest of these numbers isEngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
The average of a non-zero number and its square is 5times the number.The number isEngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
A root of equation x^4-3x+1=0needs to be found using the Newton-Raphson method.If the initial geuss,x0,is taken as 0,then the new estimate,x1 after the first iteration isEngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
Who invented the first Industrial Robot ? EngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
In a class-A amplifier, the current in the output circuit flows for:EngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
What does PCB stands for ?EngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
Which component is use in making glass electrodes in LCD ?EngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
The voltage gain of voltage follower isEngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
The feedback path in an op-amp integrator consist ofEngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
High order active filters are used for EngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
Feedback path in an op-amp differentiator consist of EngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
The Op-Amp camparator circuit uses EngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
The purpose of the capacitorEngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
Energy gap at the 300K (in eV) of the Germanium.EngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
Energy gap at 300K(eV) of siliconEngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
Forbidden gap for the Germanium is EngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
The most commonly used semiconductor is manufacturing of electronioc devices isEngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
The bonding forces in compound semiconductors such as GaAs arise fromEngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
Energy gap at 0K (in eV) of the GermaniumEngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
Energy gap at 0K (in eV) of the SiliconEngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
Atomic weight of the GermaniumEngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
Atomic number of the GermaniumEngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
Atomic weight of the SiliconEngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
Atomic number of the SiliconEngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
As oscilloscope shows 10cycles of a sinusoidal wave occuring in 1millisecond. What is the time period?EngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
According to Kirchhoff's voltage law , the algebraic sum of all I.R. drops and e.m.f.'s in a closed path isEngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
Find the equivalent resistance of the branched circuit , if R1=R2=10K ohmEngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
Which of the follwoing has high internal resistance ?EngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
A d.c. current source has a short circuit current of 2mA and an open circuit voltage of 50V. The internal resistance isEngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
A d.c. source has an output of 10V in an open-circuit , which drops to 5V with a load current of 50mA and an RL of 1000 ohm. The internal resistance of the source is equal toEngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
Constant voltage source has EngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
Thirty zinc-carbon dry cells, each of 1.5V, are connected in series. The total output voltage isEngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
How much RL reduces the load voltage to one-half the open-circuit (or no load) voltage?EngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
The output voltage of a battery drops from 90A at zero load to 60V with a load current 60mA. How much is the RL for this load current?EngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
The output voltage of a battery drops from 90V at zero load to 60V with a load current 50mA. How much is the internal resistance of the battery?EngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
A 6V lead acid battery has an internal resistance of 0.1 ohm . How much current will flow , if battery has a short circuit?EngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
Which of the flowing device can be used to isolate the control circuit from the loadEngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
The circuit breaker is a control device, which disconnects the circuit from the mains supply, if the load current flowsEngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
The fuse wire is made ofEngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
Determine the power rating of a microwave oven, if it has a resistance of 36 ohm. The oven is attached to a 230V power line.EngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
A television has a 230V input and an average power rating of 180W. What is the televisions average input current.EngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
CAlculate the energy used (in kwh) to run twelve 180w light bulbs from ten hoursEngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
How much current flows through the flament of the 36 watt soldering iron connected to a 230 volts power lineEngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
A toaster takes 5A from the 230watt power line . How much power is consumed by the toaster.EngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
Derermine the rate at which an electrial water heater can convert the electrical energy into heat energy, if 65 KJ of the heat is produced in 40 seconds.EngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
A certain soldering iron has a resistance of 600 ohm when operated from a 230 volt s power line . How much current does it take from teh power line?EngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
In a semiconductor material , the energy gap isEngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
Which of the following bond is formed by transferring electrons from one atom to another?EngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test
The atomic number of boron is EngineeringEngineering Aptitude Test

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