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What does GPL stands in case of a freeware?Computer BasicsSoftware
One the following is feature of object oriented programming Computer BasicsSoftware
What is Applicaton Software?Computer BasicsSoftware
Find the odd one out?Computer BasicsSoftware
What will be the output of the program? class PassA { public static void main(String [] args) { PassA p = new PassA(); p.start(); } void start() { long [] a1 = {3,4,5}; long [] a2 = fix(a1); System.out.print(a1[0] + a1[1] + a1[2] + " "); System.out.println(a2[0] + a2[1] + a2[2]); } long [] fix(long [] a3) { a3[1] = 7; return a3; } }Computer BasicsSoftware

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