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Have you got your profile photo verified by MHS? (5 votes)Namita Terse27 Jul 2011
Do you think details of rejection of any contents like resource, articles must be provided. This will help to improve the next articles or resources. (8 votes)Santosh Davari07 Jul 2011
Who is the best comedian actor in Maharashtra? (8 votes)Kiran14 Jun 2011
Who is best CM of Maharashtra State forever? (18 votes)vishal15 Nov 2010
MHS provides you the opportunity to learn and explore new things? (3 votes)Raj kumar singh06 Nov 2010
Is Maharashtraspider website helpful to give information of new jobs, exams and career? (11 votes)Kamna26 Oct 2010
Do you really find MHS FORUMS interesting? (15 votes)sumit15 Oct 2010
Who helps to new members for being freindly with MHS ? (6 votes)mujahid sheikh11 Oct 2010
Will you agree Cartoon channels are broadcasting adult cartoons. (8 votes)Geeta K10 Sep 2010
How many members of MHS helping new members? (8 votes)Geeta K10 Sep 2010
Are you got Adsense through the Maharashtraspider.com ?? (7 votes)Nikhil Dhondiram Bille22 Aug 2010
MHS Provides a great platform to earn knowledge and money . what do you think? (23 votes)Raj kumar singh03 Aug 2010
Will you check before posting in Business Directory? (15 votes)Vilas01 Jul 2010
MHS is the front runner among all the ISC sister sites - What is your opinion? (23 votes)Satish17 May 2010
Are you Earning Revenue through MaharashtraSpider.com ? (13 votes)Mahesh13 May 2010
How do you know about Maharashtraspider.com? (21 votes)Nitesh N. Jadhav16 Apr 2010
A formidable move against Toll plaza’s by Raj Thackeray. Agreed? (3 votes)Vilas05 Aug 2012
Do you think that pranab mukherjee is a good choice for president of india.A president who sleeps in parliament and who only looks to increase petrol, gas. (1 votes)aniket16 Jun 2012
Can India give a better performance than Last Olympics 2008, which is Gold - 1 nos. Silver - 0 nos. Bronze - 2 nos. (2 votes)Kamalesh Bhagwan Sutar14 Jun 2012
Schedule of Indian Hockey Team at London Olympics 2012 - Can India win a medal in Hockey in London Olympics 2012? (2 votes)Kamalesh Bhagwan Sutar14 Jun 2012

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