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Rate the movie 3 Idiots. (2 votes)Pranay26 Feb 2011
Rate the movie Jane Tu Ya Jane Na. (2 votes)Pranay26 Feb 2011
Rate the movie 7 khoon maaf. (1 votes)Pranay21 Feb 2011
Which Course is better after 12th ? (1 votes)Pranay20 Feb 2011
Which branch of Engineering is better? (1 votes)Pranay20 Feb 2011
Are cell phones bad for your health? (3 votes)Pranay16 Feb 2011
Who is your favorite singer ? (2 votes)Pranay31 Jan 2011
Rate the movie Dil To Bacha Hai Jee (2 votes)Pranay31 Jan 2011
Which restaurant do u like most ? (3 votes)Pranay30 Jan 2011
Which type of marriage would you prefer in your life ? (6 votes)Pranay16 Jan 2011

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