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Epilepsy - Know Some Facts

Epilepsy is a disorder that occurs due to electrochemical dysfunction in the brain. It is commonly called as Fits. Fits are one of the common Neurological problems that affects every one hundred out of one lakh and 5% of the people will experience seizure at least once in their life time.

Alkaptonuria or Black urine – A rare genetic disorder

Alkaptonuria is an autosomal recessive condition. It arises in people who have inherited two mutual genes – one from each parent. It is a rate inherited genetic metabolic disorder. Globally, the incidence of Alkaptonuria is one in 2.5 lakh. A high number of cases have been detected in the Dominican Republic and very few in India.

Types and Ways To Control Diabetes

In today's frenetic and fast paced world, everyone is running from pillar to post to maintain a perfect balance between professional and personal life. Working women find no time for themselves and the strenuous lifestyle results in hyper tension.

Recession and Depression

Recession is a downward trend in the business cycle. Which as a result of decline in employment and production which further reduce the income of the household and expenses. Recession leads to loss of job this further have an impact of depression in each individual. Why people loss job is that, when there is contract in economy it reflects a change in the cost of the company and thus leads to downsizing the people in the company. This is the main cause for loss of job.

Asthma Treatment and Dignosis

Here in this post you will get information disease called asthma, what are symptoms,causes,treatment, medication etc
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