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    Player burnouts

    player burnouts is a word we have been listening from time to time.
    what does that mean?
    it simply means that a particular player has been playing cricket for quiet some time and now he needs some time to cool off to to just have time off the field. this is same as someone doing work continously for many days without taking a leave.
    as leaves are important for the wellness and work capacity of a worker or employee so is the case with the cricket players.
    so now on we shouldnt be surprised is M S DHONI or VIRENDRA SEHWAG are rested for a while.
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    Well, Player Burnout is a major issue with all major sports teams of various countries. However, a proper schedule of matches through out the year will give the players sufficient rest and sufficient time to spend with their family thus improving their performance. However, in the name of making money while sun shines, players tend to play a lot and loose their energy and form thus getting out of international arena earlier than expected.

    So a healthy player will always have sufficient adjustments with his commitments to play a long innings in any sports.

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