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    How we can also make a CHANGE to india


    We all know that CHANGE is the powerful word and it really required in life as per the growth is concern.

    My topic is "How we can also make a CHANGE to India"
    There are lots of ways to make a change in the life, which can be shared with friends and so on with society and hence with whole country.

    Please provide your ideas. No matter what ever it is. Let it explore. We will get very good out put from this.
    So please start thinking and share your ideas.

    Below are few hints for topics
    1. Water/electricity saving/ generation
    2. Alternative for traffic jam
    3. Corruption/ politics
    4. Technique and invention for Farmers
    5. Rules and regulations for public including politicians
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    Are you asking nice question...

    Firstly we can develop our counrty by the new technology with good army with adavce technology wepons... We can also the develop our sports facility to our sports persons because lack of the facility our sports persons are go backward are you also seen in the Asian Games but some do work hard like the Virdhawal Khade, Somdev and so on. And we can also develop our farm by means of the giving seeds which are done in the lab of farmy which can give us more food.

    Now day, Our country also backward in the electricity which cannot but produce electricity to all people without any load shading but people will do there jo like use the CFL bulbs or LED bulbs which consume the low power and also save the water. we can also use the Solar energy...

    Now our counrty will be developed in the 2033.. I have confident about that our sports facility and electricity problem will be slove in the 2033..

    Therefore we also some help to our county and sports person so and develop the new technology..

    Go Go Go India Success Is Ahead

    Nikhil Bille,
    Diploma Holder(E&Tc)
    "Learning from experience is a faculty almost never practiced"

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    To change India the only need is to bring change of attitude in Indians because Indians can only change India. Instead of saying what we should do to change India? I think the correct question is what I must do to change India? Then the decisions implementation is important. All Indians must have in mind 'India is my country and I will do best for my country'.

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    first of all u should ask this question to urself whether u can make any change ?
    and if ur answer is yes then we can definately make change.
    to make change first we have to change ourself . we v to find out wt is in ourself , in our family , in our community , and in our state is damging it and then we v to make changes from ourself to community.

    and after that things will be definately changed . but its not as much easy as replying in orkut on some issue .
    its a very difficult task but nt impossible task

    Zindagi Jeeney Ke Do hi Tarike Hote Hain,
    Ek Jo Ho Rha Hai Hone Do, Bardasht Karte Jao,
    Ya Phir Zimmedari Uthao use Badalne ki"

    magar kuch nhi badlega, sabse bari problem hamara system hai. mene kai baar koshish ki he. per kaam time se karana hai to rishwat deni hogi. aur bus.................... yahan logon ki Zindagiyan nikal jati hai. Zindagi banane me.
    filhal itna hi
    Its the time......
    Its the time to spread the revolution,
    spread colours,spread flavours of joy.
    "Mohe rang de basanti chola" the patriotic song by Bhagat singh started its magic and will bring firing inspiration inside us ......
    Lets be a Rebellions for the good cause..
    Lets take the power in our hands....
    Let the dawn of the self motivated,strong,
    energetic,revolutionising young people begin.......... INQLAAB ZINDABAD!!!

    first we v to change ourself and then we will be able to change the society

    " aasha aur umang liye man me aage kadam badana hai
    aaye muskil lakh sahi manjil apni , her hal me pana hai "

    nahi kisi se pichhe hum bihari , bharat ko hi nahi

    poori dooniya ko dikhlana hai "


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    To change India we must be positive and after thinking decision arrived must be implemented. Corruption, population must be reduced, basic infrastructure of best quality must be developed. There are many things, activities, laws, rules to be done. We must start and we will achieve success.

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    Savings are always good. There is saying "A penny saved is a penny earned!"

    I do insist people to save our environment, our resources and other rare fuels. Because soon we will be having shortage if we will not take care of these.

    Always with nature!

    "Success is jounery not destination!"
    "Sail the boat of Success!"

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    Instead of talking what should be done. We must individualy and collectively think what can be done and immediately start implementing it. India must be changed and will be changed in a very progressive way and we the young generation will strive hard to achieve it. Respect ourselves, respect India.

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