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    New Me...trying a new direction

    I am a housewife, who is about to venture on a path totally new. Hoping to polish my writing skills here.
    I have two kids and a supportive husband.
    I would like to like to categorize myself as a hobby writer, daring myself to make an impact.
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    Hello Mala Chakraborty,

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    Hello and welcome to

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    Hello Mala Ji,

    Welcome to MaharashtraSpider. This is a complete information portal of Maharashtra, just like we have an information portal on Mumbai viz. Writing is a fun, more so if you earn some remuneration for your efforts. Please go through the FAQs before you proceed. What we need to understand is that writing on papers and writing on the web are two different things altogether, so please go some resources in our Resources Section before you proceed. Also, never copy-paste anything from anywhere as that will violate the copyright issues and you may be in trouble. You are very well permitted to get information from different websites but always mould that in your own language before you proceed to post them.

    For any queries, contact the webmasters / editors / senior members. You can also put up your queries and problems in Forum. I would be obliged if I can help; feel free to add me

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    Hi Mala,
    I am not a active member of Maharashtra Spider but I am an active member of many of the websites of SpiderWork Technologies. All our websites are revenue sharing sites apart from earning points and cash you earn for your contributions.

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    You can make real use of this portal to earn your pocket money. Hoping to see more of your contributions here and other spider sites.


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    Hi Mala Ji,

    Welcome to Maharashtraspider, you have reached genuine site where you can learn and earn honestly, you can learn many things from each section over here and you can share your knowledge accordingly, you may write and post self-written article in different topic about Maharashtra state that can benefit to all online visitors.

    Please feel free to contact Webmaster/Site Coordinator/Editor for more help.

    All the best for online journey.

    Hafeezur Rahman

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    Hello Madam,

    Hearty Welcome to MHS. Congratulations for your enthusiastic approach of life and especially about writing. Your forum thread title suggested few things to me:

    New me - It denotes that you are full of enthusiasm and just try to burst like a bubble here at MHS.

    Polish my writing skills here - Yes, it is very much true, the more your write the more you are fluent. Sharpening the saw is a renewal technique when it comes to personality development and I am happy that you are interested in doing that exercise. Keep it up!

    Supportive husband - Its true that you need somebody supportive to host you high in the venture you are undertaking. So hats off to your husband too.

    Here at MHS, you can find major sections like Resources, Forum where you can practice well writing about any topic you like. But writing for web and writing for magazines differ a little bit. You have to follow some criterion while writing for web. Our Webmaster Mahesh is an expert in it. Also he never hesitates to give you online advice if at all you need one, when he is online.

    Since you are a married women with kids, I hope surfing this site and understanding things won't take much time for you. However would like to suggest what others suggested you in this thread.

    Life is a journey; there are twists and turns; the destination is the final one. So begin your journey; see the twists and turns and reach the destination as a good writer.

    My best wishes.

    You Co-passenter: Satish.
    Water depth is Lotus's height; Mental Strength is men's merit - Thirukkural.

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    Hello Mala,
    A very warm welcome from a freelance writer who is as passionate about writing as you are!

    Even if you spend just 1-2 hours a day, you can have plenty of scope to earn a small part-time income at this wonderful site. Just make sure that you post good quality content in your own words. Develop your own style of writing without aping others, and you will go a long way. Do read articles and posts submitted by other members so that you can get an idea about how to post. For some tips, you can check this out: Good Article Writing Tips.

    Looking forward to your 'daring' display of creativity....unleash your skills right away!

    Have a Happy Journey at MHS!


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    Thanks to all you co members of MHS..your support and welcome to a new member is very encouraging. This is one of the things that gives a newcomer feel at ease. Have read all your suggestions and dos , donts.
    I shall try to put in effort and write with all my dedication...thanks

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    Hi Mala,

    Welcome to MHS family. Maharashtra Spider resources section is best for sharing your knowledge in form of articles, here you can write articles on your own experiences about life, friends, thoughts, and dreams. As good writer you can write some small stories created by you and much more.

    We wish you all the best for your bright future with MHS.

    With Best Regards,

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    Hi Mala

    Welcome to Maharashtra Spider. Your story resembles mine and I am happy that you have decided to enter into this venture. Luckily you have come across a great site. Maharashtra Spider offers great prospects and additionally there is so much to learn. I am sure you will be able to explore yourself once you start contributing in MHS. The seniors members of this site, along with Webmaster Mahesh are always there to solve your query. My best wishes to you.


    Sangeeta Chaubal

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    Mala Chakraborty,

    Welcome to MHS! Wish you all the best for good work.

    With regards,
    - Mahesh

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    Thanks again for all of your support. I am already feeling like a part of a BIG family. With all of you supporting me I am going to write and hope that I live up to MHS family.

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