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    My AdSense account is disable,,,

    Hello Webmaster and Editor,

    My AdSense account get disabled at 12-oct-2010.And the reason given by the google is that some invalid activities found in may account and they provide me only chance appeal for this. So I need help from you all to feel the form because some fields of form are not understood by me.
    so its my request to help me as soon as possible.

    Here is the image of application form

    Ritesh Gedam.
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    You were used your AdSense any where except spider sites? or you asked to click on ads to your friends ?

    With regards,
    - Mahesh

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    Hi Ritesh,

    Well, Google needs to protect their proprietary detection system, so they may not be able to provide you with any information about your account activity, including any web pages, users, or third-party services that may have been involved with your Google Adsense Account.

    You should know that Google treats invalid click activity much seriously, Google analyzises all clicks and impressions to determine whether such clicks fit a pattern of use that may artificially aid an advertiser's costs or your earnings. If Google determines that an AdSense account may pose a risk to their AdWords advertisers, they may disable that account to protect the interests of Google advertisers'.

    Finally, you may also note that as per Google Terms and Conditions, Google will use its sole discretion about determining instances of invalid click activity.

    Therefore, if your account was found to have any such activity, Google would have disabled your account but it have given you an opportunity to appeal so use the opportunity and get back your Google Adsense activated soon.

    My best wishes.

    You Co-passenter: Satish.
    Water depth is Lotus's height; Mental Strength is men's merit - Thirukkural.

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    hello mahesh sir,
    no i haven't told any to click on my ads.
    Just i have posted some of the links in commercial sites like Facebook, twitter.
    and also i associated my adsense account with domain.

    thnak you..

    ritesh gedam

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    Thank you mahesh sir and satishkumar sir for your valuable response.
    I am little bit confuse in this section of form please help me what to write in that section
    1) Who are the intended users of your site?
    2) How are your users accessing the web?
    3) How do users get to your site? How do you promote your site?
    4) Any data in your site traffic logs or reports that indicate suspicious IP addresses, referrers, or requests

    thank you..

    ritesh gedam

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    Hi Ritesh,

    The answers to those questions:

    1. No one is restricted to use the sites I contribute.
    2. My users access web through various ISPs globally.
    3. The users get to my site by typing the URL address through internet. I promote my site through email, various social network sites like facebook etc.
    4. No such incidences have been noted by me so far.

    Hope with this answers, you can impress Google and anyhow I request you to consult our Webmaster Mr.Mahesh before proceeding further in this matter.

    My best wishes.

    You Co-passenter: Satish.
    Water depth is Lotus's height; Mental Strength is men's merit - Thirukkural.

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    Thank you Satishkumar sir ... for your good answers....

    Mahesh sir please help me that should i write the answers given by Satishkumar sir.... is there any correction please help soon sir..

    thank you.


    ritesh gedam

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