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    Is it because of evil deeds in past life

    is it because of evil deeds in past life

    in our daily scenario we wonder ,why i'm facing sorrow 24 by 7 & then we curse god .

    is it because of evil deeds in past life
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    Hi Things will improve Have trust i God, don't think always about the dark side of life Be positive Things have to improve wait and watch

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    Hello Manisha

    Everything in this life and every deed in our part of life and our counterparts are related and thus the livings and deeds which we do and all those which happen with us.

    For instance let me give you an example. I am a DOctor by profession and more to that, I practise Homoeopathy and we give long consultation time of upto 1 to 2 hours per patient.

    THe patients many a times do not feel better fast. They can also get aggravated and so do they also get angry. They take all their hell out on us.

    Let me give you another example. In some of the most difficult situations of life, we are so much anxious, so much confused and so much angry, many a times on ourselves; that we feel why this is happening to me? WHy I am the only sufferrer? Why am I doing so much? And why am I the only responsible person in whole of my family and the whole of this earth?

    Yes such conditions arise and we have to go through them. They do come because we are the responsible persons for our family, and for the daily chores, we are responsible to make the two ends meet. We are the persons responsible to see that everything is going in order.

    And when we are the pillar of our family, every bad notion happens to us and that is why you are feeling that all bad is happening because of our past deeds.

    And I will support you in your sentence, because, we have led our past with worrying about what is happening with us and in the quest for finding the solutions we have put ourselves in "tensed" mode and have forgot how to actually live our life and we have been brought up in such a way that we feel that being tensed is the only correct way of leading life!

    We have forgot the word - "Analyse". We have forgot the word -"Happiness" because we think that happiness can only be when we are not in tension and when we have no evil deeds with us.

    But did you know that there is little but no use in "Lamenting" on the past. Those people did not "just" say - Forget the past, past is old, together we make a new world.

    What will be the new world if it were to be filled with tensions with no solutions.

    Your words show me that you are blocked in the cloud of worries and in the cloud of worries you are not able to find the path towards solutions, which; even in the end, has to be sought by ourselves.


    Do not think of past deeds and past events to affect the present life. Even a lady who has undergone the worst events life Rape can lead a normal and happy life.

    Yes. Why do tensions come? Did you analyse why thoughts become so persistents as yours are - All bad happening to you?

    It is actually nothing but a "GAP" which has developed in between you and your near and dear people whom you want to see very happy, but for this sake, you did not share with them the sad and bad things and thus they did not ever know that tensions do really exist in the life of a leader.

    If you are having tensions, itself shows that you are a leader and thus it is but natural and normal in the life of a leader that tensions must come otherwise, if you are not having any tensions, then you are a novice!!!

    All said, I must give you the solution which I myself feel is the necessity other than only being fret and worried and cursing the past about your present status. Wear a smile and read below:

    1. Take a diary and write the names of all the near and dear ones whom you care for and you want to care for till the last breath of you.

    2. Write down what you want each of your near and dear one to be? What you vision them in their near future.

    3. Write down what you actually see as problematic in them which is giving you tensions and worries which makes you think that you are suffering because of past events and deeds in your life.

    4. Write down all the past deeds which you think are the causing factors of trouble in your present life.

    5. Now you have two ways to go:
    a. Write in your diary how you can go ahead towards "Solving" the problems one by one
    remember no scolding, no shouting allowed
    You should try in the peaceful way

    b. the best way
    Open talk

    Just like I mentioned in my last reply in your Spy Cam Query, I will again say here that Open talk is the best way to solve problems.

    When every one knows that what are the burning issues then everyone can sit and solve all problems and I have a 100 percent belief that you wil be relieved of your problems.


    Dr. Apurva A. Tamhane
    B.H.M.S., C.C.H., C.G.O., M.D. Homoeopathy

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