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    spy cam need to be installed at home

    does a spy cam need to be installed ,when young guy sits on home pc

    i believe it should ,as we can't take chances with kids,guys
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    Hi Manisha

    It is Nannycam Here in US when mothers leave infants at home at Nanny's care one can often see the children. It is just like digicam small one in which we chat and see. Here in day care centers these cameras are installed and one can see from their work place how their little ones are doing By the by are you working and why do you require spy camera. You can make the question more clear to get proper response


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    Dear Manisha,

    When we kept animal in Gold Jail they will not happy. Will you think about it, When your child known you have take watch on him by spy cam. He will lost reliance on his family. I say is better to speak directly with child. Give them knowledge about life by age.

    With Best Regards,

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    Dear Manisha

    Let us suppose you installed the Spy Cam and unfortunately, you found what your child is doing on PC which he should not do.
    What can you do next? If you scorn him, scold him, beat him, he will become more disrespectful to you. He will come to know that he is being spied. Whats more, you will develop loads of tension on yourself.

    What more can we do after the spy cam has done its work?

    The young guy will not do in ways from where you will come to know but that does not mean that he has stopped doing.

    The sentence - "We cannot take chances" is actually correct, but let me tell you that installing a spy cam is not the correct way.

    I will suggest you to have open talks with this guy about things you feel should not be done - not by scolding or by anger but by talking about things openly that one person does in hiding or secrecy which he does not want to reveal.

    So once things are all open, I bet this young guy will not do things you do not want to do on PC and nor would you have any need of "Taking chances" in front of the PC.

    Moreover, you should also understand that IT IS THIS AGE of your young guy which demands to "Know" such things when there are new developments going inside and if he cannot find information in good ways, then he can turn into bad ways.

    You may feel how can we talk about such subjects openly? You may feel frightened or tensed to talk with your young guy about subjects like this but even when you are not talking about these subjects, your young guy is having access to them - but in ways we may not desire!

    So when information goes from the good way, then there are no needs of going through the PC and there will be never a need of the Spy Cams.

    Have open talks very often, be free in talking, open talks with you and him or with both parents and him and without any shyness let off what you think, what he thinks what you all want him to know and cover up the communication gap and release off the tensions building in your mind.


    Dr. Apurva A. Tamhane
    B.H.M.S., C.C.H., C.G.O., M.D. Homoeopathy

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