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    Unemployement it challenge for govment or for us

    hi everyone may u got surprized why is the topic ..ofcourse we all aware that youth is one of the biggest power for each area, looking around we found lot ignorant,unemployed,making fun like guys just wasting their life by making time pass..having fulsration of various things which r concerned with salary ,money issue ...why is this so do we have such organisation which help them out and making meaning 2 their lives .salla kab badalega ye desh. no plz dont say we ,i r going to change it yes ofcourse finding meaning of life and going for karma can direct all of us in progress if we analyse the situation as we have no of un employed candidate ,we also have the sectors where we can create more vaccancy for better service providing sector as if people r getting good quality they ll pay more tax and salary issue ll be ressolved ,to overllook all this if organosing commitee is there who ll recognise ,analyse this situation and implement necessory task we ll able to destroy poority in our country people may leave this after reading but u r 1 step can make the future of thusands if any pts related comes we can ressolve it probms r comming from tendency of people we r changing it
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    good thinking mind blowing

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    Unemployment The reasons are not far to seek There are avenues available especially in the IT sector Like it happened in UK in the 1930s after the Industrial Revolution But looking ahead while China has already passed over Japan as the se cond largest economy, due to take over number one position from USA in a decade from now. But as you know already India is closely behind China and it will be two giants at the top. Who will take over depends .... I fell it is India due to its inherent strength. Wait and watch ... So unemployment problem will be solved soon

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