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    Please help or tell me

    Hello very one,

    I send my approval to Adsense through the but i Face one error that is following:-

    Unacceptable site content

    Above only one error is present in my Adsense..

    Therefore What should I do now

    Please help me.....!

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    Hello, Nikhil

    Please check out your AdSense profile at your profile page. Only if you fulfil the 5 criteria out of the 6 are you eligible to apply for the Google AdSense program. If you do have the 5 green ticks, then it is also very important to have a good number of quality approved resources & at least 6-7 months membership.

    I suggest that you put in some more self-written good quality resources and apply again after a few months.


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    Hello Vandana,

    I completed my 5 green tricks in Adsense profile.

    I complete 6 month on MHS


    Nikhil Bille,
    Diploma Holder(E&Tc)
    "Learning from experience is a faculty almost never practiced"

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    Dear Nikhil,

    It happens some time. Ok try once if they not accept your application, then post your query in adsense forum post. I am sure you will got it soon. wish you all the best.

    With Best Regards,

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    Hi Nikhil,

    You are doing excellent work in MHS. Please keep continuity your good work and which will return you as Application of Google Adsense.

    You need lot of patience while application approval and earnings through Google Adsense program.

    As you have completed 5 steps for your Google Adsense Application Process, I wish, you will complete the process very soon and with AdSense Application Approval.

    For that, you must await and have patience. Success if yours only.

    All the best.

    With regards,
    - Mahesh

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    Hello Nikhil,

    Don't worry about this it happens sometime try once again and as Vilas sir Vandana ma'am and Mahesh sir suggest post your query on Google AdSense Forum they will reply very soon.

    And have some more patience when it comes to AdSense approval.

    Keep doing your job and soon your AdSense will be approve.

    Sagar Kakde.

    "The road to SUCCESS
    is always under construction"

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    I also found same problem.
    they reply me as follows....

    Hello Pramodkumar shridhar borse,

    Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after
    reviewing your application, we're unable to accept you into Google
    AdSense at this time.

    We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.


    - Unacceptable site content

    Not failure but low aim is crime

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    Google AdSense program is based on the site contents and advertisement program. They have full rights to which application approve as per their rules and terms.

    As Google is providing an good opportunity to earn unlimited, then we should respect their rules. Our approach is to follow their rules. Members should follow guidelines provided by MHS webmasters, editors. Once you will learn the terms and conditions of Google Adsense Program.

    Please have patience while your application process. Try to build your profile WELL and definitely Google will approve your accounts, if applicable.

    With regards,
    - Mahesh

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    Hello Nikhil and Pramod,

    Google gives you very good chance to earn easily thats why they are very strictly follow their rules and our job is to follow those rules.

    If they are replying your like " Unacceptable site content " then respect their response and build more strong Profile and then apply.

    This happens with me also but after that they accept my request.

    Post your best content.

    Best of luck !!!

    Sagar Kakde.

    "The road to SUCCESS
    is always under construction"

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    Dear Pramod,

    When we apply for adsense account we need our own website or blog. As contributer in MHS Google will consider your profile page as your website. If Google found some offensive or against the rule, then they reply as Unacceptable site content. This is not correlate with MHS with any way. I check your profile page there is nothing. Write something about your self. Give Five links to your top resources which getting high traffic. It may increases the chances of getting adsense account approval.

    With Best Regards,

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