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    Can girls drive vehicle properly?

    Can we say that girls can drive vehicles but is it in proper way?
    Or they use vehicles as just a past time to pass their way? We have to discuss on this topic properly.
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    Hello, Raviraj,

    What on earth gives you the idea that girls drive vehicles just for "past-time"? Girls do use vehicles for commuting, just as their opposite gender do! Also, of course, girls are good at driving. All men are not exactly total experts or better at driving.


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    Dear Raviraj,

    Nice questions, Now Girls are working with equal level of Men's. As per researcher's Females are very motive & enthusiastic in there work. I think Females are best Driver. Because they prove by becoming a Taxi Driver, Bus driver, Railway Driver.

    With Best Regards,

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    Hello Raviraj,

    Its very interesting question I must say all girls are not good driver this is my personal experience on this they fear from trucks, Buses, or any thing big than their vehicle and stop their bike in the middle of road, They don't care about other people and most of them are Aunties or school girls those who are newly trained.

    Yes Vilas sir I agree with your point but not all some of them are best.

    Sagar Kakde.

    "The road to SUCCESS
    is always under construction"

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    hi Raviraj,
    Nice of the question you have raised.According to me Girls needs more experience to drive the vehicle because at the time of traffic they don't know the way to find the path at such condition they get confused.
    According to me many of the girls need much daring to drive the vehicle.

    Ritesh Gedam

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    i drive kinetic very well, infact my sister drives car very well, so the answer is yes, some girls drive vehicle nicely

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    Hi Driving is also like any other activity. Now a days leave aside private vehicles, ladies are even flying jet, what to talk of driving vehicles In western countries almost every one knows driving and coming to the question, they do drive well.

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