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    Autobiography on myself

    I am a girl,
    With no curls,
    Hair is straight,
    And very less is my weight.

    I am simple,
    With no dimple,
    Have some pimple,
    And like to meet new people.

    I have right to make friends,
    So that in our relation there are no ends,
    Go through common trends,
    With good and worth watch trends.

    I love to watch nature,
    Sometimes I am mature,
    Like to nurture,
    Sit and walk in good posture.

    I am someone who wants respect,
    Since childhood I have specs.
    I am someone who has some goal,
    Have a very important role.

    I have anger,
    And cannot see people dying in hunger.

    I am short tempered,
    And was not always pampered.

    I am someone who teaches,
    And clears her face and home with bleaches,
    Likes to walk around on beaches,
    And cares for all the leaches.

    I like to raise voice against things which are wrong,
    Cause I know I am not weak, I am strong.

    I try to do things which are right,
    The meaning of my name is night.

    I am a professor,
    Also in each and every field I am a competitor,
    Got best students of the year with honor,
    Who has good thoughts and humor.

    I am someone who likes to see,
    Through High Level Language programming C.

    I know both binary and simple numbers zero to nine,
    And understand the language Compulish which is fine,
    Hates to drink wine,
    And around me all are mine.

    I am nice,
    I hate lies,
    I love spice,
    But I am not a cat to run after the mice.

    I hate theft,
    Serial I like is left right left.

    I like cartoon's called Digimon,
    But digixr is the password for everyone.

    My zodiac sign is Aries,
    I respect all ladies,
    Who are expecting babies?
    And I love all puppies.

    I love my niece,
    Whom I always give a kiss.
    She gives back a smile,
    Which works all the while.

    I was never late,
    The year I was born was seventy eight.

    To Shirdi I make a trip,
    I always take mausambi sip.

    I always drink tea,
    Cause I hate coffee.

    I like to help the poor,
    And I make very sure,
    That things I give them is pure,
    So that the medicines act as a cure.

    To me happiness seems,
    A part of my dreams.
    Have forgotten to laugh,
    Sometimes I get cold and cough.

    A friend in need,
    I would help them indeed,
    I hate having the feeling of greed,
    And I always implant gold of seed!

    I want to fight terror,
    And during my fight plan see to it that are no errors.
    So that's me at art,
    Who is big at heart!
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    Hello mrs. shreya,

    This is very sweet Autobiography i ever seen.

    But I don't gate any Best student award yet :( but rest of the things are similar.

    It's nice to see you here keep posting and get Best Member award too.

    Best of luck.

    Sagar Kakde.

    "The road to SUCCESS
    is always under construction"

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    thank u sagar....for ur good response and i am glad i can win best member award....

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