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    Heloo friends

    Hello friends ,
    I lost my previous ID actually it was hacked that's why I have to make my new account.
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    Hi Vipin,

    Welcome Back to
    Your MHS account or your personal email id hacked?

    Please keep change your passwords so you will not face the same problem in future.

    With regards,
    - Mahesh

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    Welcome back once again to MHS.

    And follow the instructions given by Mahesh sir.

    Deeptesh Sharma

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    Happy Posting

    With Regards
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    Hello Vipin,

    Sorry i was thinking that you are the new member, so sorry for the last post. You Id was hacked by someone , I think this is your new id, dont worry everything will be fine. Take a good start my best wishes is with you.

    With Regards
    Proud to be a MaharashtraSpider Member

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    Hello dear... Maharashtra spider MHS is one of the most user friendly site.... Do one thing first validate your account and then try to publish good resources with a solid matter... And of possible do attach pictures along woth the resources and most importantly please please please disscuss issues related to Maharashtra because this site is all about Maharashtra..

    For more information go through new user FAQ

    Regards Nitin

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